Sunday, August 3, 2014

Another Busy Day!

Today was another one of those busy days, but the best part was not being in the traffic on I-5. Haven't heard from the parents, so thinking they are having a blast!

This is the sheet that I got for the back of the quilt. We couldn't get the gold that we wanted and settled on the black. It's not as high in count that I wanted but the fabric will work and it's not thin, so I'm happy with it. Plus it costs the same as 1 yard of fabric, so I'm happy.

Last night I went through my bag, and since the small black quilt is hard to do in the "dark," I pulled this out and basted the leaves on here. I need to do the "bud" part for the middle leaf. Patrick likes to have the house dark at night, and it's hard to get good lighting without having the heat coming off the lamps in this summer time. If we had the other lights on, I could do my applique, but with the lamp next to my chair, it gives off heat, and I start to cook. lol

I'm one of those people that sit here and before I know it, the temperature is up and I'm cooking. I start to sweat and then I give up. Patrick tells me he's cold, but I'm cooking! lol

I was working with Phillip on using my sewing machine. We tried to use my White Jean Machine, but that was giving us a pain. So, I took out my machine, and it was like sewing butter. The worst part is, we figured that out when I had 5 minutes to work with him. Patrick and I went to the movies. So, when Phil comes back, we'll finally get to do what he wanted to do with my good sewing machine.

I'm looking forward to being Happy Quilting!

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