Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back Home!

After 10 days of being in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we arrived home last night around 11 pm. We dropped our luggage and went to bed. I was up at 6 am today. You'd think I'd sleep after the long day we had yesterday.

Patrick took his bowling ball on the plane. You should have seen the looks he was getting for taking on a bowling ball. One guy even asked him why he was taking a bowling ball on "carry on." He told him he flew 2000 miles to get a bowling ball fitted because the "pros" around here don't know how to drill a ball. (My ball works great). You should have heard him when we were trading planes! "I should have gotten a lighter ball."

I will miss Max, but the I have Charlie, whom I missed a great deal.

We did a lot of traveling around the area. I was able to see Green Bay and where Patrick grew up. It was a small city compared to what is around here. I loved the water front and enjoyed the time he showed me where he grew up. I wish at times I could do the same, but since I traveled all my life, that wouldn't be possible.

The packer stadium is huge. We ate at Kole's across the street from here. We stopped here when we toured the city on a Friday, and then when we came back before the flight out, it cost us double for the food that we ordered. We ordered the same thing both times, and because there was a Packer game last night, the prices were double!

The other day we toured the train museum, and like I said before, I was disappointed. But my photo's turned out pretty good.

Patrick on the look out of a train 40 plus years old.

I took a photo of this bench because I liked the wording on it.

This is poison ivy! I never did figure out what it looked like till we took that walk at Door County. They had a sign showing everyone what it looked like. I now know what I got into when I was a lot younger and playing in the woods! lol

I was able to get this photo while driving in Door County, WI. I saw at least 4 different quilt designs but didn't get a chance to get a photo of the others. One was a crazy quilt! I had to get Patrick to pull over so I could get this photo!

This is the troll that guards the house by the restaurant we couldn't get into. This was in Sisters, Door County, WI.

I thought we had a lot of construction work in our area, but Green Bay really knows how to do it up BIG! They stretched their construction work a good 10-20 miles!! It was the longest construction work I have ever seen!

Yesterday on the way to Green Bay, and still in Escanaba, we found 5 older Ford cars going off on a trip. It was awesome to see, and they had kids in the back of a couple of the cars. It was probably a club that was traveling around the country side for the day.

Loved the clouds as we flew over them. OH! I accidentally walked into the men's room in Detroit!! I saw the "men" sign on one side of the wall, and walked around the center to the other side - like most rest room have - men on one side, women on the other! - When I saw the gentleman changing his shirt I knew I was in the wrong room!! I'm glad it wasn't crowded in there! I was embarrassed at first, then I had to laugh! I did find the women's room, and went there.

Okay, now I can show you all the goodies I bought at the 4 quilt shops I went to. These are from the quilt shop in Escanaba, MI.

The one yesterday was AWESOME!! I went to the quilt shop in Marinette, WI and I loved it!! It was the best one out of all the shops I went to. At first I thought it was just quilts for sale. BUT NO! It was a shop! And it had a waiting room for Patrick to sit in with magazines for men!! Loved it, and even Patrick said it was a great shop.

I picked this up at Marinette.

As well as this one. I loved the applique patterns she had. She also has a BOM coming up in January that is of Birds. It's pretty and I'm thinking of joining that one too!!

I bought these fabrics at the Quilt Barn in Sturgeon, WI.

This is the pattern I got there. I'm giving that to mom as a gift.

This one is also from Sturgeon. I was telling you about this in an earlier post.

This is the one I got in Escanaba. I'm giving this to a friend of ours that collects chickens and roosters.

I bought this fabric for backgrounds. It was the only thing I bought in Marquette, MI.

This was the row 'round robin pattern from Marquette.

All of this is from Marinette! I had so much fun looking at fabrics and seeing all those patterns. They even had a wall hanging that was applique of the Green Bay Packers. I almost bought that as well!!  I had fun going over all the fabrics and patterns I purchased on vacation. I have more fabrics for the next quilt I want to start, but that will be later. I'm excited to be back to be Happy Quilting!

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