Saturday, August 16, 2014

Found a Quilt Shop

We relaxed with family yesterday. Patrick showed me around Escanaba MI. As we were going into town for copies of my cross stitch pattern, we found a quilt shop. If your ever in the area I recommend visiting Glenna. Quilt'n Stuff. She does a lot of her own designs. MI is doing the row shop hop, so i was able to get the pattern. Also picked up the beads that go with it.

I picked up one of her patterns.

Also picked up fabric from here shop. She has a lot of the wool quilt patterns and fabrics. 

Started my cross stitch that my son and daughter in law gave me for my Birthday. Don't have much done but having fun.

Since I'm writing this on my tablet, mistakes are made. Please excuse the mistakes. Photos are ones I take on the tablet and cell phone. The camera photos I'll share when we get back.

So, I'm now Happy Cross Stitching and looking forward to being back to Happy Quilting.

Family Is Starting To Arrive

I just realized I hadn't posted yesterday. Funny how that happens. One minute I think I did, the next minute I realized I didn't. ...