Friday, August 29, 2014

Quilters that Give Away There Stuff

Okay, now what?! Went to our meeting today at mom's house. Wouldn't you know it, I arrived at mom's house to find about three other members already there. Bev told me when I arrived to go through all the patterns and books on the table and take what I wanted. She told everyone that, because she was cleaning up all her patterns and things. She wanted to get rid of what she wasn't going to use. NOT a good thing on my part!! I usually say, "thank you, but I'm good." Did I do that today?! NO!! I ended up with a few more books and patterns! THEN
on top of that, Nancy brings in this box of fabrics!! She puts the box in the middle of the floor and tells everyone to "help yourselves to free fabric." OUCH....I have plenty of fabric in the house!! Really, I do! But no, I had to get more fabric!! I saw fabrics that are pretty and would work great with applique......NOT SMART!!

Bev even had an Ott light, that doesn't work good with the battery, but works great plugged in. So, I took it. I can use it when I'm at a retreat.

So, check out the PILE of fabrics, patterns and books I ended up with!! Can you believe this?! As if I didn't have enough already! Now I have to put them on the boards and get them put in with the REST of my fabrics I have. WHEN AM I GOING TO LEARN! And I thought I was doing SO good!

That's how I feel right now! Ugh.

I marked the last AOTH block and I appliqued the sides of the basket in the basket block I'm working on. So, I'm defiantly Happy Quilting!

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