Sunday, August 17, 2014

Visiting Green Bay

8/16/2014 Today we drove down to Green Bay. Patrick showed me around. Since he grew up here, he showed me the schools he attended, the house he lived in, the places he played, and were his dad worked. We went to the train museum, which was a little disappointing. They have a great idea, but the trains need upkeep and better displays.

On of the trains. They have some really big trains. Loved seeing the different ones. 

After the trains, we went to a pro shop and bought him a bowling ball. 

Packers stadium at night.


Another shot of the stadium.

We stopped here for supper. Never ate here, but it was awesome!

Tomorrow we are checking out Door County. I'm hoping to be able to shop at the quilt shop down there. Not sure they are open on Sunday.

Hope your having a great day! Happy Quilting!

NOTE: This was sed to have been scheduled for earlier s morning.

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