Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Quilting Day

Today started out being behind. Once I got to the quilt group at the Museum, I was able to get back on time. I did get half a block quilted while at the meeting. I also worked on it for a short time when I got home. Patrick came home shortly there after. He had a meeting to go to in the evening.

Decided to take a photo of the back of the quilt. I didn't have anywhere to place it other than the floor.

It's looking pretty good, I must admit. I just need it to look more "ironed" then it does. lol

This is where I ended up today. Getting closer to getting this block done.

Each step is a big step, just not sure it's be enough to get me finished by the first part of December. I start freaking out with time. I need to calm down and see what I can get done. If I keep this up, I will probably fall behind. Need to just keep going.

Tomorrow isn't going to be as easy, and I may not be able to quilt for 2 hours. Tomorrow I am taking the applique class. That is going to take all day, then I'm bowling tomorrow night. Ugh, I NEED to quilt!!

My days get changed from what I would love to have them be. I can't seem to be so lucky to have lots of time to myself. lol Laundry and everyday stuff come up too much and too often. Lucky me! lol

Wishing tomorrow was a day to be Happy Quilting.

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