Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another Day of Quilting...And Yet, Not!

Today was a day of enjoying another day of quilting with my awesome friends. Our group, "Haven't Missed a Stitch" is a blast. We laugh and enjoy each other's company. There were a lot of show and tells. I didn't have anything to show.

I took my guilt wall blocks. I was able to put a few leaves on the block to applique.

I was able to add more leaves to this one as well. It was working out great. Laughing and basting. I also brought my tin of hand piecing.

I sewed one of the "groups" wrong and took it out, putting it back on. Then I added another piece. I need to check and see what this blocks name is. I'm not sure what it is. I know I have a book downstairs with the name, just too lazy to go check it out!

I didn't get to quilt last night, so the Hawaiian is still waiting to be finished. Tomorrow is another quilt group - which is at moms house. I haven't decided if I need to take my quilt with me or just wait till I get home tomorrow. If they potluck it, I'll be home early.

Looking forward to being back to Happy Quilting!

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