Friday, January 9, 2015

Around the Corner

It has been another one of those days. Don't plan, cause "it ain't gonna happen." As I was getting ready to go to my Physical Therapy, I received a phone call from my neighbor. Flo passed away last night. She was 68 years old, and died of lung cancer. May she rest in peace. So, now Art is all alone. He does have family, but to be honest they don't seem to spend much time with him. Guess that's why he depends on  me to play cribbage with him in the mornings.

I headed over to Physical Therapy and found that I've lost a lot of movement in my shoulder. So, I'm not too thrilled, but will go to the doctors next week to see what needs to be done.

As I headed home, I remembered I promised my walking partner (83 years old), that I would stop by and help her with her new computer. I loaded chrome on her computer so she could play Pogo games. Ended up finally getting back home at 11:30 am, just in time for lunch.

Worked on this part of the quilt.

Closer to the corner, and then....

Got this far. I actually had the bottom three rows quilted in on this, but the trouble was, I didn't do it right, and had to take the quilting out. It was puckering. Now I'm going to work on that corner to get it straightened out. Once I have this corner completely done, I can get moving on the rest of the border.

This is the blocks that mom and I cut out for the "Bountiful Baskets" pattern. Mom called today to say she was working on the basket from P3's last BOM. Then she told me she was going to do one of the basket blocks from Bountiful Baskets. Didn't surprise me, as I figured that was coming anyway. She likes to start before anyone else so she can show them off. I'm not worried about it, and I'm going to work on the blocks this weekend as well as getting the "guilt wall" baskets ready for more applique. When I actually get them appliqued is another story. I'm serious about finishing this quilt. I'm really getting better about spending more time on my quilt projects.

Hard to say what I'll be doing....since my mind keeps wondering to all the different projects I have going. I keep hoping I can get them done, and I keep thinking of what I want to do next.....can't win.

So, once this corner is done, I'm off to the finally border and the FINISHED. Let's hope it doesn't take me all month!! Either way things are going great, and everyone is Happy Quilting!

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