Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getting Ready for the Super Bowl!!

Things are getting exciting around here! - Yea, right!

We are getting ready for the Super Bowl. We won't have anyone over, as they all had other plans. So, it's going to be Patrick and I, which I'm okay with. I won't have to cater to anyone but me! lol

Today was grocery shopping. We did pretty good, since we had plenty of canned foods (thanks to Art), and we had meat in the freezer, and we had a few other things already. We've been doing better at eating better, partly because of me, and partly because we need to. So, we bought fruit for tomorrow as well as the usual of chicken wings. Patrick is going to do is thing with the wings. I'm going to be busy with a project. Not sure if I will pull out the cross stitch or get moving on working on my applique.

I worked on this block today - and no, it's not a new photo. The leaves are done, and I need to back stitch a few more on. I'm thinking about redoing a couple of them but overall they look good. I'm going to try doing the flowers with back stitch and take Kathy W's instructions on how to do it, easily.

I was going to take the pattern from Nancy's class and get it enlarged, but found the size is just right. I showed Patrick the colors and he really likes it. I've got to cut the strips and iron them on the bias. I will probably do that tomorrow or Monday. Friday I'm going over to moms house to work on the baby quilt and work on getting my Affairs of the Heart quilt put together so I can get working on the border. It is going to be fun to get that done too.

Best part about today - nothing surprising has happened like the last few days. Charlie was able to come back in the house, got tired of her crying at me through the door. Went to the movies today and saw Paddington, which I liked! It's well worth seeing.

As I get moving more on my class project, I will be posting that as well. I won't be showing the design till after I'm done, but one will get the idea of what I'm working on. I'm excited about working on it, as I love the pattern.

Best wishes today, and may we all be Happy Quilting!

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