Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today was a day of bowling in a tournament. We bowled good, but not good enough. It was 9 pin no tap. Love to bowl that way, but wasn't doing as good as I had hoped. I bowled 210, 190, 210. Patrick did even better.

Came home and had supper, which was cold chicken. We sat and watched TV for awhile. It was taking me some time to get "into the mood" to work on my quilt. Once I got in the mood, it only took about 2 hours and it was done. I fixed the middle of the quilt that had a knot. I took the knot out and re-quilted that area.

I'm working on a label, and the will wash the quilt. Once that is done, I will find a really nice place to take a photo. I will have a photo of it on the bed, but I want to be able to see the whole quilt, so will work on how I can do that. If it's raining again tomorrow, I won't be able to take it outside.

Tomorrow is the Seahawks vs Packers game! Since Patrick is from Green Bay, it's a win, win situation. (WE WON!)

Tomorrow I will pull out another unfinished project to get moving. I have Phillip's quilt to finish as well, so may get back to quilting that too. Well see what comes next with being Happy Quilting!

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