Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Here I Go Again!

Yep, I'm at it again. When will I learn, you may ask. Good question. I have dyslexia, I love to do crafts, and I'm insulted when I'm looked at like I'm stupid. I'm not stupid, I'm thinking! Plus, I learned a long time ago, I can play the "dump blonde" if you want me to, and then surprise the crap out of you when I know all about it.

Like I said, Here I Go Again! I tend to start one thing, and put it aside to work on another. I'm busy all the time in my head, where I think of things I want to do. I've learned over the years to finish some of what I start. So, I've been following my "rule" of finishing 2 things before starting another. Yep, up till today.....or yesterday. I've finished 4 things last year (2014) and I'm getting ready to start 2 more, but the trouble is that I started at least 2 projects last year. Okay, that puts me at 4 new to 4 finished.....not doing so good, wouldn't you say?!

Today was quilting at Mt. St. Helens Quilt group. I worked on my basket block for my guilt wall, and yes, that's a continued project that is old...old...old. I've gotten the leaves done today. I need to work on more, and will do the more back basting on this.

This is the basket for Katt's quilt. I need to do the top and bottom of this one.

While downstairs looking for the block fabric that I need to do make a basket block with, I pulled out the fabric for the basket and the green to do the leaves on. Will try and get the back basting done on this so I can work on more applique.

Pulled out the pattern for the "scrap" quilt I'm working on. I started this over 20 years ago, and ended up taking all the pieces apart because I didn't have the background fabric with it. Then as I was working on a new background fabric, I decide it would all be scraps, so the background fabrics are going to be white and off white. I'm not going to worry about it.

After I finished the applique of the leaves in the basket block, hand sewed the pieces to this quilt. This is the one the pattern goes with. I had to take out the right side two, as I put them on backward. So, I replaced them. This is a great piece to carry around with me, as it's quick and easy.

This part of the Hawaiian is almost done. I have the seams done, and add a few more lines to the quilting. I'm heading over to the corner.

Now, I bet your asking about the "two" projects I said I was starting today and yesterday. Well that is the P3 Designs. It's the new BOM "Bountiful Baskets" and they are 5 1/2" quilt patterns. I've started the pattern designs and will try and get those ready to work on, but need to finish a couple blocks before I start cutting the fabrics out for this quilt. The second one was the scrap quilt I just started after all these years. I'm not sure if I should label it as a new quilt or as one I've had for a long time. I am using the pieces from back then, so I guess it's an older quilt, started new. I'll decide that soon.

I called Patrick to see if mom got her quilt. Guess she sent Patrick a text saying that she received the quilt and would call later. I'm thrilled she received it and I'm hoping she loves it.

Now as the day goes on, I'm going to try and design the basket quilt for Betty, and get that to her. She told me my block is the last one after 20 years. I guess I better get moving on this. She did give me a block 20 years ago, and I never did do it, and then she gave me another one about 6 months ago and I told her I would do one. I'm frustrated that applique basket blocks are hard to find on the internet. Guess that isn't a lot of patterns out there. ugh. So, I'm going to try and design one like one I saw on line. I wish the pattern was on the website it said it was, but that site is "no longer available." When all else false, I go to the drawing border and hope I can design it like a real pattern should be designed. It's been awhile since I have done that, but I will do it. If I can't get it "even" then I'll go to Phil or Emily to help me out.

Best wishes to all, and hope your like me and Happy Quilting!


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