Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Day of Dreaming!

Today was my day of "dreaming" since I had to have my colonoscopy. I was up at 2 am with drinking the rest of the liquid and then drinking water. I got up again at 4:30 am and drank more water, as well as making myself comfortable on the "pot."

We arrived at my appointment about 15 mins early, to find out I wouldn't get in for 30 more mins. Which actually turned out to be an hour. Not my favorite idea of waiting, since I tend to think of all kinds of things that go wrong. I did pretty good though, I played on my phone and looked through a magazine.

While laying down on the bed, I thought about quilts I could make or quilts that I liked. I was thinking about Karen's quilt that she's been posting on her blog. I love the colors, and I really like the colors she used around the stars. I was thinking that would be fun to do on blocks that have been won at the quilt groups. I have a blue set of blocks, and I'm almost thinking that could work on those blocks. I also was thinking about the sunflower or Dresden plate pieces I have downstairs that I'm trying to put on muslin blocks.

After my appointment, Patrick drove me home, but we stopped off the at casino and was surprised that we won a lot. We came home with $100 - and none of it was our money. We got our "free money" and it just keep growing. I love days like that. That will help going toward my dental bill I paid yesterday! lol

Patrick and I talked about the retreat in May that Quilter's Junction is putting on. I'm looking forward to it, and need to prepare for it. I have a few ideas, like doing another quilt with the flying geese patterns. It's a pretty pattern and I have one done that I used my hand dyes on. I'm getting excited about getting that quilt ready for the quilt frame when the butterfly quilt is done.

Since I signed up for the table runner that Nancy Lee Chong is teaching, I'm wondering how the class will go. It should be fun, as I've done classes online through the college, so I have a pretty good idea how it works. I'm excited to see her get it started. It starts tomorrow, so I'm going to be busy with the colors I choice - hopefully, I won't change my mind between times. Celtic applique is fun, and I'm hoping it works out okay with me. I'm looking forward to learning how to do it right. The last block I did was one I did by myself, and no idea what I was doing or how to do a Celtic block. I think I did a good job, but would love to learn from someone that knows Celtic designs and how to get around with curves and points. Should be fun! Can't wait!

I have the quilt group at mom's tomorrow, and I think I will leave around lunch time. I know mom is making food for them, and I'm going to leave so I don't have to worry about what I'm eating.

For the past few hours, I've been sitting here with my computer and yawning. I just can't seem to stay awake. I'm doing good, but I am ready to go to bed. I have to be up early for walking. Just wasn't my day today! lol - in a daze......

Tomorrow I can quit dreaming of being happy quilting, and actually be Happy Quilting!

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