Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nice Day...Quilting Day...Bowling Day

The weather today was awesome compared to what it has been the last month. Patrick worked out in the yard, and it was fun to see new spring flowers starting to come up. That actually came in handy for me to figure out the colors of a "spring" block.

I pulled out the blocks that I need to make for the spring blocks. I'm beginning to think, I need to quit doing blocks and get my own stuff done. I think after these two I'm going to cut back on doing these blocks for the groups. I have way too much stuff to work on.

I printed my pattern on freezer paper and cut out the design. I then ironed them onto the basket fabrics that I'm going to use for the two blocks. Yes, they are alike, but they will be different at the same time

In trying to figure out stem colors, I came up with this lighter green with a little yellow color that gives it a yellow/green. I compared it to the stems growing outside. Since this is spring, I went with the lighter greens. It was interesting to see how the color affected the color of the blocks.

After getting the block all ready for applique work, I sat down at my frame and started quilting again on this butterfly quilt. I finished this area.

Note to self: Don't use dark thread when working with yellow or lighter colors. Change thread when working on lighter fabrics - and trim seam allowance. Be sure to remove ALL paper when doing paper pieces.

I realize there are no "rules" to quilting, but I do thing that should be considered.

The "thread puller" was awesome while working in this area. There were so many really close seams, that going through the fabrics was tight. The thread puller made it easier to go through. It also make it go so much faster then I've done in the past. I like the way this turned out.

With the sun coming in the room, it made a shadow on my quilt. I was able to work on the left side of the quilt. I'm quilting the butterflies around the center piece and quilting "lines" as if the butterflies were floating around. No rhyme or reason to my quilting. It gives it character.

It's going pretty quick when I'm on the sides of the center part.

This is the side border that I forgot how I quilted it when I started quilting. I do know the end is done, but the sides are only partly done. I'm still quilting around the edge, and will finish these when I get the rest of the quilt done. I really don't know what I will do about the binding, as I don't have any of the fabric they used to make this.

This is how much I did get done on the center piece. It's funny how this photo shows the butterfly. It actually pops in the photo. When one looks at the quilt on the frame, one is trying to figure out what it is because the colors blend more.  I was able to roll the quilt about a half a roll on the frame. The full center piece is in view right now. That makes me feel good, because I'm at the half way point of quilting this quilt.

I spent a few hours downstairs today. I was watching the Hallmark Channel shows as I quilted. Funny how it seems to go faster that way. Before I knew it, it was time to eat and get ready for bowling. Patrick and I bowled over our averages, and it went really well. I believe we won all 4 games.

Tomorrow mom is coming over and we are going to design a quilt for my nephew and his wife. They are expecting a little girl in April. We have an idea of what we want to do, so mom's coming over to see what we can design. I will quilt on the quilt while I wait for her to come over. Which means, it's going to be a great day to be Happy Quilting!

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