Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Not My Favorite Day!

Okay, there is humor in my day. I'm not sure right now if I have that humor, but I'm hoping when this is over, I can laugh about it.

Today started out at the dentist. I'm one of those people that tightens up every time I'm in the dentist chair. Today was to be the day to fit for a "cap." I've been walking around with 3/4 to 1/2 tooth since Christmas time. They asked if I was in pain, and I said, "no" since I haven't been in pain - till today! The gal asked if I would mind having another person do the "shot" to numb me up. I said, "yes, but if it's needed, go ahead." She then called Margo over to give me "a shot" which turned into 3 shots! I'm hanging onto my chair, and my brain is, "HURRY UP! HURRY UP!" I had to then sit and wait for my mouth to numb up. It did, and they started working on my tooth. UGH - the drill came out. I'm about to climb out the chair at this point, but he keeps working. I was getting close to putting a hole in my sweater pockets that I had on. Once he was done, she proceeded to work on my tooth. The "strings" she put around my tooth (yea, that stuff that tastes AWFUL!) and jamming that up my gums! It's been over 8 hrs, and my tooth is in PAIN! I am scheduled to go back in two weeks! Not looking forward to that either! Oh, and my 6 month check up is scheduled the following week....smack me now!

Came home feeling like crap, and sat down to work on my blocks.

I worked on the basket part of this block. I'm down to the last two rings.

Before working on the other block, I worked on this block. This is the one I made the design for because saw it on the web. I couldn't find a pattern, so I made my own. I need to put the leaves and flowers on it. I have some of the leaves ready to work on, and may do that later. I still haven't decided on the flowers, so my do the other block to this point and then decide what flower to add. It will keep me busy.

Okay, there is more to my day! As if it wasn't bad enough that I had to go to the dentist, I had to go "liquid diet" today for my Colonoscopy tomorrow morning. So, not only have a tooth that is painful, I'm having to mix a lot of laxatives, and hurry to the bathroom. My schedule told me to wait till 3 pm and start mixing and drinking. I started it a little early, because I'm supposed to take the other 34 oz (1/2) of the mix that was took earlier at 3 AM! I'm not looking forward to being up at 3 in the morning to drink 34 ozs of liquid till 6 am. OH! But wait, I can't take anything 4 hrs before my appointment - so I can't do the drinking at 6 am! Guess I'll have to get up an hour earlier to get this drunk and get my system cleaned out.......NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS AT ALL.

I really can't complain about having this done. I do have colon cancer in the family, and since I've been having trouble (yea, I know!) with my stomach, I'm hoping this will answer at least one question. I like checking off "possibilities" of what the cause is.

Not sure I'll be doing much tomorrow, but I will keep my mind on my quilt projects and in my dreams, be Happy Quilting!

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