Monday, January 19, 2015


Yesterday was a day of fun! We sat and watched the Seahawks game and won! Patrick was okay with Green Bay not winning as that's his "second" team. We're headed to the Super Bowl! At least the team is, I'm not.

Yesterday I added a few quilting stitches in places that needed it. I could have left it alone but it had plenty of room for another "echo" stitch in the middle. Patrick put the quilt on the bed, and took a photo, BEFORE I washed it. He even sent the photo to all his family. I couldn't believe how quickly he did that!

Today I washed it, and put it back on the bed.

This is MY DESIGN, and is copyrighted. It's called "Patricks Garden," because the flowers were from his garden. He was so surprised I named it that. He was thrilled. I can't wait to design another one, but I have things to finish before I do another one. This is a Thank You to Nancy Chong! She's the one who taught the class and showed me how to design a quilt.

We went to the movies today. Then came home and I worked on the basket block that is part of P3 Designs. I'm going to work on my basket blocks tonight by basting the pieces down. I will need a lot of them done, as I'm taking my neighbor up to Tacoma so he can change some of his insurance information. Since Flo passed away, he's been relying on me more than I would like. Next Tuesday I have to take my walking partner to the doctors in town. My neighbors have figured out I'm home most of the time. Can't get a lot done but keeping them happy. lol

It's been cold around here lately, and just had to take this photo. Usually it's a lot redder than this, but since the rain and cold weather are here, we get more blue then usual.

I'm hoping to get working on the quilt downstairs in the frame. That quilt is half quilted. I would love to finish another one. I will pull out the red and white quilt to hand quilt upstairs.

This will be the next one I quilt. I didn't baste it very good on the machine, but I will do with what I did. The next one will go to someone else to machine baste. 

I like this one better, but Patrick likes the red one. So, the red is first and then this one. I'm trying to decide what quilting design I will use for it. Each one has it's own design, so they will be quilted completely different. 

I was thinking of adding another page on my blog and showing all my quilts I have done over the years. The older they are the more they start to fall apart.  I figure it would be a great place to put all my quilts. I will try and get all my photos of quilts I've done, and put them there with the year. The two I just finished are the first of many from coming back from a "break." Can't wait to decide on the quilting pattern and being Happy Quilting!


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