Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Slowed Down....

I did my walking, played cribbage, and enjoyed my day at home. I didn't work on the quilt as much today, was playing way too much. I did do laundry, but that doesn't count toward getting my quilt done!

This area is finished, and

quilting my last "hump" other than the corner. I'm a little farther along then this. It's going pretty fast, if I would just sit down and work on it.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and then quilting with our TAS group. I was told today that Anita Smith resigned, (founder) and I'm worried that is the last straw for TAS. Shame.

I bowled tonight, so I wasn't able to put the time into the quilt that I normally would. I'll work on my applique and piecing tomorrow at the group meeting. Then when I come home, I can get back to the quilting. If I'm still on schedule, I should have it done by this weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting!!

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