Friday, January 30, 2015

That's Life.....

Today was one of those days. I seem to have a lot of those days actually. And as I sit here, I figure "That's Life."

Today started out with the usual - walking and cribbage. Got skunked again today too! Of course we took the long walk and by the time I finished cribbage with Art, it was 9 am. I'm usually home by then! As we sat there playing cribbage, he asked if I like to bake. "Yea, sure." Good - he has baking stuff for me to take because Flo did all the baking. Remember - he doesn't cook. Next thing I know, he's showing me three cabinets full of stuff - flour, sugar, mixes, oils, etc. My brain is going - "Oh, no." He asks if I'll be home today, told him I was quilting but would be home in the afternoon. He tells me to bring a box when I come over today.....okay....

I get home, shower and literally run out the door to head to the quilt shop to pay for my Retreat in May. As I get to the shop, it is now 10 am. I showed Evelyna my quilt, and head over to moms for our meeting. I get there and there isn't one place to sit! The place is crowded. One of the gals that hasn't been there in a while was there (not crazy about her, but deal with it). We chatted and dad started fixing pasta. I forgot my lunch and decided I would leave. I picked up a Subway sandwich on the way home. Got home, took the paper over to my walking partner, then took a box to Art. Came home with a box full of food, and brought it home. Don't forget, there was three cabinets full of stuff, so I'm just getting started....ugh.

Got home and started looking for my scissors. I had one of my 4" ginger scissors that lost the clip to it. I haven't seen them for about a week. Keep looking and can't find them. Had these scissor for over 20 years. I had three pairs, one my daughter found in her couch, and kept them. The other two where mine. I had both of them clipped with scissor "id's" so I knew which were mine and which were not. Well, that day came and went. The "id" broke. I now no longer have one pair. So, I got on the web, and ordered a pair of Kia scissors that are 4" with the "necklace" that hold them. I hope my other pair will reappear, but don't think that will happen anytime soon. I even looked under my chair. I'm thinking I left them behind at one of my meetings. Everyone claims them if they find them.

I worked on the basket today, and got the basket finished!! Thank goodness, was getting tired of this one. Now I can work on the leaves and flowers. This one needs the stems on it, and will do that after I have the flowers and leaves on. The other block has the stems already done.

Got home and pulled out my fabric for the class I'm taking with Nancy Lee Chong. I decide to use these fabrics. This is the right colors. It's bright, which I like and I'm thinking I will use the blue on the back as well. That way I can use it "reversible." The only thing is the Celtic design will be on the front, but after it's quilted, one will see the design on the back in the quilting. I need to cut the fabric bias stripes before the next lesson starts.

I came home, let Charlie in, and read the instruction of the class. As I was sitting here, Charlie got up and went to the door. Just as I lift my eyes to see where she went, I hear this sound of squirting. I see Charlie swatting down. OH NO! She just "shit" on my area rug. It wasn't the usual animal job, it was a "runny" job!! So, I shoo her out the door, pick up the rug and throw it outside. Smelly and all. Warned Patrick before he came home and then I used fa-breeze to get the smell out of the house. UGH, ugh, ugh! I love my hubby as he did the clean up on the rug. Big hug and kiss to him for doing that! Charlie has been sitting out our door, crying to come in. Figure I'll give her a couple days to get to feeling better before she comes back in.

As the day ends, I'm thinking how my life seems to be full of surprises every day. Can't win, but keep going. I work on my stuff when I can, and I go with the flow. Can't do anything else, "That's Life." So, if I'm not working on something, I'm thinking of things to keep me going and being Happy Quilting!

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