Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful Saturday

I'm sitting here watching the news on how the storm has hit TN and other states. We've been pretty lucky not to get the snow this year, but that's really not a good thing for WA. We are looking at a dry summer at this rate. I remember having weather like that in MD and Pullman. I feel for those that have to deal with it. I always loaded up on canned foods and stayed home till I felt safe enough to drive.

Today we got up and took off "running." Patrick wanted to go to the casino. We didn't stay long. lol Then we came home for lunch and back out the door to the store looking for another sink. Our white sink has been falling apart - paint coming off and looking pretty bad after 16 years. We want to replace it, but found out the size we needed, they didn't have in the stainless steel. Our counter was cut for the sink, and trust me, I don't want to replace my counter tops right now. So, now we know what we need, the next step is to see if we have to get another white sink or not.

Patrick worked out in the yard today. The weather was wonderful. I loved the sun coming through. The sun is going down now.

This photo is so much fun! I laugh every time I see this. Charlie outside and Harley inside! What a tease!

Last night I was able to get a lot of work done on the table runner.

I worked on the corner last night. It was a little easier than I thought.

This view is a half of the runner. I'm having fun with it. I am surprised the other people working on it haven't been chatting or even saying what they are working on. I think only one other person has made comments on what we've been doing. I post just to let Nancy know I'm working on it, and letting her know I'm paying attention. This is the first class I've taken on line that doesn't seem to have others interested in posting.

Mom called today and asked me if I would machine quilt a quilt for my nieces step daughter. I told her I would. She said she'd pay for my time quilting it at the shop. I'm okay with that. It will keep me up on machine quilting....hopefully I won't get too bored doing it! lol My niece is pregnant (yah one of the two that haven't bothered to tell me yet), and not going to put my time into hand quilting for that family. They don't know how to care for quilts. So, I'll machine quilt it and won't even worry about what happens to it after that. lol I told her I would do it, when I had the chance. I'll look for a day that I'm not busy and do it then.

I'm still working on the afghan as well. It's coming along great. I've got a few more rows on it. Surprised at how much yarn I've used, and it doesn't seem like I put a hole in the skein.

Now it's time to get my exercise ball out and get some exercise out on my back. I'm feeling my hip again. lol - Can't win! Life is awesome! and I'm happy to be Happy Quilting!

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