Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day After Valentines Day

It's another Sunday. We're heading off to bowling here pretty soon and Charlie is trying to sit in my lap while I type this.

Yesterday was busy. We enjoyed a day with Katt being here. First we went out to breakfast, then off to mom's to get a 1920's dress that she needed for her Gaylla (sp). She borrowed a dress from mom's neighbor and was stunning in the dress! She would fit into the 1920's without a problem. While she went to her gaylla we went to the casino. Patrick and I enjoyed the evening together. Came home and was able to give him his "gift" of DQ's ice cream cake. He gave me flowers earlier in the day.

Today he wanted to go to the movies, and I decided I wanted to stay home and work on my projects. I also tried to put a dent in the laundry. I worked on my nephews baby's afghan, and my table runner. I sat and watched the Hallmark Channel. Got 2 movies in while Patrick only got one! lol Actually got a lot done on both projects.

Mom just finished quilting this quilt last week. She was showing Patrick and Katt. Patrick told her he really, really liked the quilt. Mom folded it up and handed it to him and said, "Here you go." So, now Patrick has two quilts in the last two months. Lucky fella!

I will pick up some black batting from mom tomorrow and get the "Affairs of the Heart" quilt sent up for quilting.

I have been working on my other two blogs. I posted more letters and recipes. The letters will take me years, but I figured out if I post at least 2 or 3 a day, it might help me get through them all. I'm finding names in the family that I didn't know. So, I'm hoping it will also help me with the genealogy I've been working on. The recipes are old and have been in boxes for years. I've been posting them, and found about 5 so far that I want to try. So, I'm going to do one of them tonight and take photos tomorrow to go with the recipe I posted. Should be fun to do, just hope the recipe is as good as it sounds. A couple are family favorites, but not food Patrick would like, so won't be making those.

As this weekend moves along, I'm still working on projects, cleaning, and playing! I hope everyone has a great weekend and are Happy Quilting!

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