Monday, February 2, 2015

Getting Ready For More Applique!

Okay, I thought about "planning my day," but figured I better not. So, I took the day as it came. I did my usual walking and cribbage game with the neighbors. I came home, relaxed for about an hour before showering. Then sat down with Charlie for a little bit, trying to figure out what my day would be like. I THOUGHT about working on my bias tape for Nancy's table runner. I called mom and asked her how to do it with the longer strips. I read to her what Nancy wrote about it, and think I figured it out. Remember - I'm dyslexic and tend to misunderstand what is being said. I think I've got it, but haven't gone down there to work on it yet. Have till Friday. lol After talking to mom, I realized it was lunch time already. Where did the day go?!

After lunch I headed into the computer room and printed out the new patterns that Pearl P. Pereira had for the Bountiful Baskets. While doing that, I even put a few minutes into my family history on the computer. Once I had them printed, I went downstairs to pull out my box with the fabrics for the Baskets. I decided that I was going to re-do the first block, and go ahead and do the block in the back basting method.

I put the designs and fabric up on the sliding glass door to be able to mark them. It was a rainy day, and didn't know if I could get a good view.

I was able to mark 8 of the 10 blocks. My shoulder wouldn't let me do anymore than that. I was happy my shoulder lasted that long.

It worked out great.

This is 7 of the 8 blocks I was able to get done.

Pulled out the box and fabric to work with.

Put them on the coffee table because we're having trouble with the fireplace downstairs and the heater wasn't working very well for me today. I turned it on before I showered and it was almost as cold as it was when I have it off. Patrick called to have them come out to fix it. In the meantime I basted 3 baskets on the blocks. I also worked on the "guilt wall" blocks and basted those as well. I found one of my "diaries" that I was collecting for new projects, and have been writing down what I do and where I get the ideas. I write what's on my mind and I do put fabrics in it with the price when I buy fabric. It helps me figure out what I was thinking when I don't get back to them. I don't have one going on the "guilt wall" quilt, but I do have one for the Baltimore Liberty quilt, as well as two others.

I will  working on my nephew's baby's afghan here in a few minutes. Since I spent the past 5 hours basting, thought I would take a break and get started on the afghan. I put the cross stitch away again, because I need to move on the afghan first.

I did get quiet a bit done yesterday, so can't complain. The cat is almost completed. I worked a little on the pieces that were missing in the flower and leaf area.

While I was working on my basting today, I must have spend half my time on the phone or texting. It never fails, when one has plenty of things to do and wants to do it, the phone rings. Even after all that, I was able to get a lot basted.

Tomorrow is Mt. St. Helen's meeting, so think I will go and show off my quilt. I'll take lunch since they do potluck and I really need to quit going potlucks. In the meantime, I'm planning to be Happy Quilting!

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