Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good Thing I'm A Quilter!

Today started out like normal. I was relaxed and tired at the same time. I haven't been sleep well lately. My shoulder is too painful to last over 2 hours, so I tend to wake up every 2 hours and try to go back to sleep. It's my shoulder's way of telling me it's still there and not going away anytime soon.

After lunch I had to go to the dentist - which I was looking forward to - to get my cap put on the tooth. Well, it wasn't that easy after all. Everyone in my family knows how much I hate going to the dentist, this was no exception. I like the dentist I have, and wouldn't go anywhere else because he does calm me down at the right time. I was called in to get my cap on. The asst. took off the temporary tooth, cleaning up the tooth and getting it ready for the cap. The dentist comes in and the cap fits, but it moves way too much. So he checks everything, looks good. Tries again. Nope, not good enough to set on my tooth. Okay, so we start all over again! This time, the asst. asked me if I wanted a shot so she could put the padding back on my tooth. Well, my brain thought, DON'T want a shot, and don't want to wait 20 mins for the numbing to take affect, so NO SHOT! I put up with the pain. And YES there was some pain, but it was a heck of a lot better than a shot. Now, I'm having to go back in next week.

Okay, so now one is asking - What does this have to do with being a quilter.....Well, it has a lot do to do with PATIENCE. Quilters are patient, and tend to go with the flow. If a quilt doesn't work right, or if a block is smaller than the rest, we sit back, take a deep breath and move on. I did just that, took a deep breath, and said, "Oh, well, stuff happens." Actually, it happens a lot with me, but I can just laugh and move on. I've been doing that a lot lately.

Another example of moving on. The design wall was empty and not ready just yet to put the guilt wall stuff back up.

So, I pulled out the blocks that I got from Judy, that she won at the groups meeting.

And there was this block too. It's been stained with a drink or something. I have 14 blocks to play with, and figure if I put them up on the wall, I can think of something to do with them. I don't want to do the "traditional" thing. So, I pulled out a few books to look over and see if I can figure out something to do with them. If they were appliqued, it would be a little easier.

Last night worked on my table runner from Nancy Lee Chong's class. I am loving the way it's coming out. I have to make a few more strips, but I'm really happy with how it's turning out.

Tonight is bowling, so, not sure if I'll be doing much of anything the way I feel right now. But hey, that's okay. I've been working on the recipes on the other blog. If I add about 10 a day, then it will go fast, - I'm thinking - and hoping! In the meantime, I'm still Happy Quilting.

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