Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Table Running Going Faster Than Though

I've been having a good time working on the table runner. I have almost the center done. I'm really excited about what all is getting done. I may have this done yet! lol - It's going fast and a lot of fun.

I have more of this done. I do like the way the colors are coming along.

I wasn't able to work on this today, but I did last night. Today was a day where I took my neighbor to the casino. I'm not that lucky at the casino unless I'm with Patrick.

Of all things, I decided I wanted a recipe out of the stacks and stacks of recipes I have collected. Well, if anyone is like me, they wouldn't be able to find it. So, I pulled out the FIRST box of recipes and then glanced at the SECOND and THIRD box of recipes. I looked through them, then I looked through a couple books, and then OH, YEAH, there is those papers of recipes from everyone. UGH. SO, what should I do?! Well, I started another blog......yep, yet another blog.....and started typing. I figured if I typed all the recipes, I'd find the ones I'm looking for. BUT WAIT, it won't happen overnight! Hope I have plenty of time to go through all these! What in the world is my problem?! Who knows. Now, not only do I do three blogs already and not only do I do genealogy, now I'm doing old recipes from my family.

Recipes - Through the Generations is old recipes that my family has collected over the years, as well as I have. Who knows how this will go. I will add photos when I make the recipes that I post, but I'm not going to try them all. I'm hoping if anyone does, they will send photos. lol - guess I can hope. After typing several recipes, I find that most are simple and easy. That was a good time when recipes didn't have to have expensive ingredients or ingredients one can't find.

Tomorrow is getting my cap on my tooth, so chances are I will be getting a LOT done on my table runner. Will take more photos and post them tomorrow.

Thursday is quilting with the group and I'm going to get some batting and backing for it. That will keep me Happy Quilting!

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