Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Think I'm Still Running....

Today started out with a bang, and it hasn't stopped yet.

I had my doctors appointment for my shoulder. He told me I have a tear and tendinitis as well as "wear and tear." So, he sent a referral for me to see the Orthopedic Surgeon to see if I qualify for surgery. My next appointment is in a couple weeks, but if there is an opening they will call me. They did call me to go in on Thursday but I already had an appointment for Thursday. Hopefully things will start moving. I'm tired of being in pain.

After that, I went to see dad. He looked good and was in a "fog." He's not quiet ready to tell everyone about the operation, but I've been making him talk to the family about it. He's looking good, and I think this will be a good thing. It's been an 8 year wait. So, while I went to be with dad, I knew mom had quilting. I didn't know they were meeting at their house. So, I walked into a quilt meeting while chatting with my daughter-in-law. She got to chat with her grandmother, as she was there at the meeting as well. I enjoyed seeing a quilt one of the quilters was working on. She designed it, and its of her grandmother and all the things she remembers of her grandmother. I loved the work she has done. She was telling how she's going to design the center area. It was awesome!

After that, headed to Subway for a sandwich, then to the Mt. St. Helen's quilt group to see what they were working on. They were having a good meeting. I stayed for about an hour, then headed to the grocery store to get my medication and milk.

Got home and had to go next door to play cribbage with Art. He didn't like waiting 4 days to play cribbage, but one of those days he was gone. Not my fault. I do have things to do, but he really likes it when  I come over. I'm feeling like it's expected now.

Came home and got dinner going. After dinner went downstairs to work on the fabric catcher.

I didn't like the circle I had for the catcher, so I decide to make a better one that was more a circle then the old one. The old one is on the top, and the ones I cut are on the bottom. I used the lid to get a better circle.

The wire I needed was bent and needed to be straightened out. I put it in the lid to get the curves to work better. It actually worked. I originally had bends that didn't want to loosen up.

I cut the fabric, and sewed it together. I then put the inside bottom on and had it ready to finish it up. 

It turned out nicely, but I did notice my ring wasn't cut big enough. There is a gap in the wire/fabric connection, but it should be a problem. I just don't like giving out "not perfect" gifts. But this will just have to do. I promised to have this go with the pincushions I made for Christmas gifts. So, this will finally go with the pincushions as a set. 

Tonight I plan to work on the table runner. Tomorrow I need to work on the block for our meeting next week. I also need to see if I have muslin fabric. If not, will pick it up at moms. May even do the blocks at moms if I have to. Judy gave me some flower patterns that will work on the basket blocks I was making for another quilter and the one for our applique group. The one I designed the basket for. My brain is going a hundred miles an hour, just like the day seemed to go. I need to do a lot of stuff, and I really want to get them done. Table runner really needs to get done. I saw a couple other classes I would love to take but won't sign up for another class for awhile. I seriously need to get some UFO's done. I have a few ideas for the next quilts, but need to get myself to calm down and work on what I have to work on. 

As the day closes, I realize it's another day. It was a beautiful day! Sun out and the sky clear. I even saw the mountain on the way home. I can thank the Lord for a wonderful day. 

As the days go by, I'm hoping to be able to be Happy Quilting!

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