Friday, May 1, 2015

A Joyful Day - Happy Birthday Ellie Quinn Taylor!

Note: Not sure why this didn't post yesterday. Will post it now.

Today was a great day! My great Niece was born!

Here's our new member of the family! Ellie Quinn Taylor, born at 12:43 am April 30, 2015! She's covered in the quilt mom and I designed, and mom made. She's wrapped around by the afghan I made for her. She's a cutie!! She was wrapped in my afghan and I have another photo of her in that. We're so proud!!

After hearing that, I was busy today working on my genealogy (oops, forgot to add her!). I spend a couple hours on ancestry. I found a photo of my mother and grandfather, which I had no idea how they got the photo. That photo was title "Baby Archie, proud parent" an it was actually my mother with my grandfather being the parent. I let them know that was my mother and I have the original. I don't like it when photos I have that original are out there with other peoples names on them. I have stated several times I would like to know who uses the photos and to please ask.

I chatted with my cousin for a good hour. We're going to spend time together in a couple weeks. She's not that far away. I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

 Basted the flower on the basket today. Then decided to go ahead and applique it down.

I basted the first petal on. That will be my next step. I set this aside for a little bit.

I picked up my eagle block and started working on the flower. I'm going to finish the flower up. I like the wings. That fabric on the tips will be the body of the eagle as well. I have a lot of leaves and grapes to do. 

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