Thursday, May 28, 2015

From One Project to Another

This morning Patrick cooked the cinnamon rolls that I prepared last night. I let them raise overnight. They really turned out nice and fluffy. One of the better batches! I had made them for Art. His Birthday was yesterday. So, he got 3 of the buns and I gave Ruth the 5 that were in another pan for her to cook.

After walking and playing cribbage, I came home and picked up a little. Then I headed downstairs and started working on the Black and White quilt.

I had the 7 rows done finally.

Now I need to sew the rows of 2 rows each. In other words, I sewed 2 rows together, 3 times. As I was working on one of the sets, I found I made a mistake. I had Patrick come down and see if he could find the mistake. Instead, he found a different one. So, tomorrow I will fix them both and sew the quilt top together. It's funny because I found another mistake and fix that earlier when I was doing the last row. I must have been off that day, because two mistakes where in the last row and the other one is in the second to last row. Oh, well. Now is the time to fix them!

I then pulled out this quilt that is ready to be quilted. I need to figure out what I want to do for quilting designs. I was playing with a couple different ideas. Still not sure which one I will do, but I'll keep looking at the quilt. It will tell me what it wants eventually. I'm going toward feathers. Funny how I want to quilt during the summer time!! I can't believe all the sudden I want to quilt this, and it's so dang hot!! Ugh! When will I figure out that winter time is the time to be quilting!!

Last night I worked on this quilt. I am hand piecing this quilt.

I was ironing this, so it looks better. I have the two pieces to put on it. I was putting the muslin pieces on the blocks, so I can just grab one and sew it on the top. This was started over 15 years ago. I'm not sure if I have enough muslin to finish it, but I do have three rows so far. There seems to be enough muslin there for the pieces. It's a wait and see game. I may have to see if mom still has some muslin that I can use with it. Not ready to check it out yet.

Things are good. Best wishes to all and be Happy Quilting!

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