Saturday, May 16, 2015

Getting Closer to Finishing Top!!

Today started out with me sleeping in! I don't think I have slept so long in a long time. Guess I tired myself out!

I set up my slow cooker for creamy broccoli soup. I looked at a couple different recipes and then just did it on my own. I added mushrooms to my soup and it turned out great. I had that for a late lunch.

I was able to get downstairs around 11:30 am today. I check to see where I was and what I needed to do to finish this top up. As I told Katt, I thought it would be a two day job, not a week long project!

I checked it all out and realized how important it is to trim it up.

Squaring it up is the way to go! Otherwise one takes out way too much to try and get it to fit. I was trimming it to work. I found a couple pieces really needed that trimming.

I miss cut - not my favorite mistake!! But I decided to heck with it, and added a strip to even it up. Don't care what people say about it, as it's a way to use what I have.

Once it was all together, I put Jeannie Austin's pattern in the middle to see if it would fit or if I needed to do something else. It fits in the middle. I'm going to see what I can find of her patterns and add flowers around it on the sides, top and bottom. I may decide to let it go with out flowers and plan on doing a lot of pretty quilting in there. Options are open.

I have the borders to do, and will do that tomorrow. I will bind it with the read. Now I just need to use up scraps after and make a pillow case for the top.

Good news is I know who sent me the box! I was told to open the box and see who it's from. Katt sent me my gift! I'm excited to see what she sent. It was funny, she called after checking my blog to see if I got the gift. lol Love that girl!

Last night I worked on the eagle block.

I have two more leaves to applique down. I have more grapes to put down as well. I need to put a circle on the end of the pole, and then I'll finish up the grapes. Once that is done, I will do the embroidery and it will be ready for Donna. She's got a ton of stuff for tops. Can't wait to see what she comes up with! This block is a little bigger than the other one. I love the fabrics on this one! I need to see if I can find more of the "chest" fabric. I love the effect it has on the eagles.

Other than walking down to Ruth's place to set her up on her fitbit band, I was home and got a lot fo work done! I'm looking forward to working on Katt's quilt tomorrow. It would be nice if I could get it done by the time Patrick got home. The only thing holding me back is the orange border, which will be in in July. I'm still Happy Quilting!

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