Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Don't Do Scrap Quilts.....So I Thought!

Today was an early start. I won all three games of cribbage and skunked Art in the last game. Went down to see Ruth but she already left to put flowers on her family's graveside.

I decided to get back downstairs and work on the Black and White quilt. I was down there at 10 am this morning.

These where the pieces I left behind when I called it quits the other day.

Today, I had a visitor that wanted to be around me. Charlie has her quilt and spent the morning with me. She wanted to be on the quilt frame, but changed her mind and joined me at my table.

I pulled down the block I needed to make. I had several of them that needed to be done. It was the block I wasn't getting done last time. I put the pieces on my table to see I could get them done easier that way.

I had to make more triangle pieces and 4 patches. I still need to do a few more, but that's okay. I made more as I was going. It feels like I'm coming up short on the black.

I don't understand how quilters say they can get a quilt done in a day! There is no way a quilt with this many pieces can be done in a day! It takes too much work to get a quilt done. I trim as I go, to make sure they will fit right. I like to make sure they are coming together right. I can't just say, "oh, well," and keep going. I was taking some pieces out today.

This is 5 x 7 rows. I need one more row before this is done. I will have to trim up the blocks before they go together. I was doing some of that the other day. Today, I was trying to get the blocks done. I need 7 more blocks. I just hope I have enough pieces to do it. I am out of black with white prints. I did cut some solid black just to help me out. I may have to do that again too. I'm going to figure out what the row is that I need to do, and pull the blocks down to help me make sure I have them right.

At 2 pm this afternoon, I called it quits. I wanted to do some applique. I'm missing my applique work.

I added a few more grapes to applique down. One at a time. I'm getting there! I need to mark for the embroidery work, and I can work on that as well. I may work on the baskets tonight. I'm wanting to get another basket done.

After supper, Patrick came in and told me there were some really pretty flowers outside. I decided to head out there and see what I missed. (All because of rain!)

So, here are a few of my photos! I'll add more on my nature page.

That's just a taste of what I found outside. Check out my nature photos page. We have some really pretty flowers out there!

I'm going to get back to appliqueing tonight. That will make my day a very good day! Happy Quilting!

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