Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Before I talk about my craft, I would like to give my thanks to those who served to keep us free.

James M. Hodge, great grandfather who served during the Civil War.

Eddy Study and his "Chum" during WWI

John Wineland, injured during the Civil War.

Two other family members who served during WWII

May they all rest in peace. There are more in my family who served. I haven't found their photos yet. I know I have them, but there are too many boxes to go through to find them right now.

Now on to my day.....

Today we meet for Brazilian Embroidery! I worked on the purple flower on the bottom as well as the pink flower on the left.

I was able to get a lot done at our meeting. We had fun! Mom came for the first time and we got her started on her piece like this one. She has a kit for when she's done with this piece. I have one too, and I'm getting close to being able to start it. I really am having fun doing these flowers. I can see where some of this will work great in quilts.

When I got home, I sat and worked on the big flower in the center. I worked on it while Patrick and I watched an old movie. At first I was doing it wrong, then went to my book, The Art of Dimensional Embroidery (Fifth Edition) by Maria A. Freitas. That book is awesome when it comes to showing me what I need to do. I have one more set of flowers to do. I also need to finish up the french knots and then I can pull out my kit and work on it.

After I finished the flower, I decided to go back and work on block #10 of the Bountiful Baskets. 

I had this much done last night.

Now I'm working on the flower. I have a hand painted fabric that will work great on this block. I have two of the petals basted on, and will work on it the rest of the night. I'm hoping to finish it tonight. Would be great to have 10 blocks done.

Since I'm going to my cousins tomorrow in Tumwater, I won't be able to work on the Black and White quilt. I'll have to wait till Wednesday to get that all put together. I can't wait to see how it looks ones the blocks are put together. I still have to wait for that Orange fabric Katt wants for the border. I'll go ahead and put the small part of black on the first border. As long as I do all the borders the same way, it doesn't have to be mitered.

Back to another movie, so will pull out the basket block and try to get it done tonight. It's been a good day.

Oh, I would like to say thank you to who ever was so kind as to pay for my parents breakfast yesterday morning. They (a family) must have seen my father's hat, as he wears his hats that show he's a vet. A family was so kind that they paid for his meal and everyone that was with them. They will be next to "pay it forward." Thank you for your kindness, whoever you are.

Happy Quilting!


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