Monday, May 4, 2015

The Applique Society's Annual Meeting

Today started out fast. I got up before Patrick got his shower and got the crock pot out. I started cooking the roast for french dip sandwiches when I get home.

We (Judy, Ann, Ethel, and myself) all met at mom's house. There we piled into Ann's truck. She surprised me. We took the back roads to Kent WA. I couldn't believe it took us over 2 hours to get there. If she would have gone the freeway, I think we would have made it a few minutes earlier. We arrived just after 10 am when the meeting started. I was so surprised when I opened the door to hear Ginny say, "There she is! Lynn good to see you!" We ended up splitting up because most of the chairs were taken. Ann and I were together and Judy and Ethel were together. We sat through the meeting. I was thanked for the work I did as Interim President. I was so surprised about that too. I didn't expect it and was a little embarrassed. They had chicken pincushions at everyone's station. One of the groups made them for all of us. They asked if any of the groups would like to do the annual meeting next year. Of course, no one said they would. So, I volunteered our two groups - if they would be willing to do it. I said I would present it to the two groups and see if they would be willing to having it down here. We chatted about what and where we could have it. There was an hour before lunch time, so we went next door to the quilt shop and shopped. I found some browns that would work great for eagles.

These photos are from my cell phone, and for some reason it doesn't show the true colors. These two pieces are darker than the photo. I also bought a thimble, needles, and fabric. I didn't find the fabric I wanted to buy to take on retreat, so Ethel and I will go to GeeGee's in Yelm to see if I can get what I want for the retreat. I really want to come home with a finished quilt top. My black is running out. I don't have enough to do a border on Katt's quilt - if I get it done.

We did show and tell as well. There are some really pretty quilts out there! Our lunch was catered in (we paid $15) and it was salad, baked potato with fix'ens, and chili. After we were done, we headed home. One of the towns on the way back had a major fire that blocked the roads. Again, she took the back roads home. It was another 2 hours! By the time I got home at 4 pm, the roast was a little overcooked but because it was for french dip, I put the slices back in the broth to soften them up.

I was surprised (again) when our Treasurer stated she was retiring in May next year and someone needed to take her place. It even surprised our president. Now it looks like both the president and treasurer will call it go next year. That is a good thing. I'd like the president to stay awhile but I agree, 2 years is enough to do what needs to be done and pass it on. Our treasurer has been doing it over 15 years and needs to let it go to the younger ones. I told the president I will go back on the board later on, not now. I may think of it in a year or two. Still waiting to see what will become of TAS. We are loosing members and groups. I think it's time for TAS to make it worth everyone's "wild" to stay with TAS. They are looking into some good ideas, let's hope it works.

I won this stack of fabric!! I couldn't believe it - I NEVER WIN!!! So when she called my name, I wasn't paying attention! I couldn't believe she said I won them. Now I need to figure out what to do with them.

I have put my eagle patterns and Jeannie box away. I need to clean up and have a clean house for Patrick while he's on his own. I will pull them out again when I get back. I will have plenty to do while Patrick is gone after I get back.

I need to get my exercises in, because today was a "lazy" day and I didn't get enough step in today. I'll work on my ball exercises to get my calorie out take to be more than my intake today!! LOL

I had a great time at the annual meeting and was surprised at how many people remembered me. I hope TAS can get back to being Happy Quilting!

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