Monday, November 23, 2015

Brazilian Embroidery Meeting - Count Down to Finishing Projects!

Today in the freezing cold, we walked. It as COLD today. I dress warm enough, and it helped.

Our Brazilian Embroidery group met today. We had about 6 of us there.

I didn't get a lot done. The little leaves on the right side is what I did. There were 9 of them I did get done. They are so small. It worked out slowly, but it's so small. It will look really pretty when the flower goes on there. I was going to do the big flower next to the pumpkins but needed a straight pin to do the petals. I'll work on it later, after a few things get done.

 was chatting with Patrick last night, worrying about the different group gifts I need to get. I have to have one for my quilt group, 4 gifts for bowling partners, (as well as the a gift to each of the three leagues), a gift to my neighbor, another to Art, and a couple other friends. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to get!

I decided I would make some pot holders for my bowling partners. I couldn't think of what to get them! I haven't done much with them, and this is my second year with them. I missed out last year. They don't care about gifts, but I feel bad about not getting them something. I have been trying to figure out what they could use. They are not into crafts like I am. I do know they like the pot holders and wash clothes, so if I can get them all done in time I'll do wash clothes to go with it.

I also need to get quilting on the Oak Leaf quilt! I need to have both the pot holders and quilt done by two weeks from yesterday. I worked a little on the quilt last night but that was only about 20 mins of quilting. Can't really get a lot done in that amount  of time. Every little bit helps.

So, the closer it gets to the end of the year, my brain is telling me of all the things I need to get moving on. I have the quilt downstairs that I wanted done last year....guess that didn't happen...and it's not really going to happen this year either. I've got all those 9 patches I started downstairs and need to get them put into a quilt. Well, I'm working on that well as others. Oh, and let's not forget about my cross stitch!...Brazilian Embroidery.....Phil's quilt....okay, stop that! I'm not going there! Too many things to think about.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving. I'm going to work on the last of the pumpkin tomorrow. I'm also going to start my pie crust tomorrow. That way on Wednesday I can work on the pie and whatever else I want to get done the day before. I love my pumpkin pie!

May everyone be Happy Quilting!!

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