Friday, November 13, 2015

Rainy, Windy, Rainy, Windy.....Relaxing And Appliqueing!

Today I wasn't able to get out for walking - or we decided to wait for the wind and rain to slow down....never did.

I had to pull out the laundry and get it done. It's been almost a week since I was able to work on the basket got way too full. So, I worked on getting it down to nothing in the basket. But wait!... Patrick will probably add to it tomorrow and I'll be back to a full basket! He loves to throw in the bathroom rugs, sheets, and sometimes the shower curtain. Don't get me wrong, not complaining - found out I have a "rare" hubby that helps me clean the house. We have always had a "Saturday Clean Day." He's awesome when it comes to cleaning. We share!

Good news is, I was able to get a LOT done today. Even though Patrick came home early, I still had a lot of work done.

This is the final leaf that I have to do. I'm really loving this design. I'm not that crazy about the orange, but I'm told this is her colors and it will go great in the house. My daughter is the "orange" person in this family. But orange gets a little old after awhile. I do like this orange though. Just tired of working on that color. :-)

I was thinking today, that I need to get the color paints that Kathy McNeil has. I'm going to try and order them this weekend. I have a couple embroidery patterns that are quilt patterns. They are the ones that are colored. I finally found a set of color paints that I believe is a lot better than the ones I have been using.

I also reminded myself I have the cross stitch to finish up. Here I go again... what I need to work on....I need to make some applique blocks that will go between the 9 patches I did. I found my "501 Patterns" book that has small patterns. There are some really pretty flower blocks in that as well. I will try and do I go again....small like the baskets that I need to get back the baskets from my BOM that I was working on till I started this quilt! Funny how I would rather applique then piece. The thought of piecing gets me nervous and I tend to think of other things I could be doing - like making zucchini bread - which I did today as well.

And then there are those "hair brained" ideas of doing a puzzle. I got this far last night. Haven't touched it again today. I'm staying on track right now....Happy Quilting!

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