Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ready to Quilt....So, Why Haven't I Started Yet?!

Today as another good day. Walked with Ruth this morning. Came back to the house, and relaxed. Didn't feel like doing anything! I did play games, but that's not good either.

Patrick called this morning and that put me in the mood to make dessert. I have it in the frig right now. It needs to set 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Then I went downstairs and finally basted the quilt.

For some reason, wasn't really in the mood to do it, but once I got started, I kept going. It's now ready to quilt. I should have started it this afternoon. BUT instead, I pulled out the big eagle for the QOV quilt. I put one part of the wing on, then took out the basting thread on the other side and re-placed it. I started to applique it back down. My basting stitches were way too big for a big wing. It was moving too much. So, I made smaller stitches and then started putting the darker part of the wing down. I need to baste the left side of the birds wing. I will do that when I get ready to applique that side. I need to put the post and a couple other pieces down before I get going too much. It will be coming along soon.

I still have the Bountiful Baskets to do. I also have the baskets to finish and get moving on the BOM that I've been doing for 10 years. I also need to add the sashing to the butterfly quilt, and add the borders to Katt's black and white quilt. I keep thinking of all these things I need to finish. UGH I need to just pick one, finish it and then move on to the next. My brain can't do that! I'm going from one thing to the other and back again.

Today was less rain, and the sun actually came out!

My tree is loosing all it's leaves is the branches. Yesterday as prettier but I didn't get the camera out in time.

Patrick has been getting the piles ready for the neighbor kids to pick up. He hires the neighborhood kids to do the work because it's too much for him to do on his own. He did this before the storm came and I'm surprised they are still there. lol

I have the quilt ready to quilt, but haven't gotten to it yet. I'm beginning to wonder what my problem is. I haven't really been in the mood lately to work on my project. Sometimes I think it's all this bad news that keeps coming out. Being a military brat, you'd think I could handle it. Guess not. I'm going to quilting tomorrow and think once I'm around friends, I'll feel better about working on my stuff. It's amazing how a group can be uplifting!

Can't complain, life is good, family is healthy, and we keep enjoying each day as well as being Happy Quilting!

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