Monday, December 7, 2015

Actually Walked In The RAIN!

This morning didn't "look" like it was raining, so I got up and got ready to walk. Walked outside to find it raining - not sprinkling but Raining! I called Ruth and we decided, "what the heck, let's walk." We did. Got home with a coat soaked! No worries! Did noticed my Charlie wasn't waiting on me, and that pulled at my heart strings.

Next it was off to church where we meet for Brazilian embroidery. We had a great meeting. Must of been 10 of us. Had fun just working on our projects and socializing.

I finished up the leaves and then I worked on the flowers. I did get the flowers mixed up. The color is in the wrong spot, but that's okay with me. It works fine. I need to add the beads to the center. I'm looking forward to working on the flower that goes in the circle.

As one can see, I'm getting there. I do like it so far. Not too crazy about the pumpkins, but that was my fault.

Funny, I was thinking (earlier) about what I could post on here today. I forgot about our embroidery group. I was thrilled to see I had something to post.

After our meeting, I headed out on my "stops." One was to pick up Patrick's gift that I had done on Friday. It turned out really good. My mug turned out pretty good too. It has Charlie on it. I'm going to put it under the tree to me from her.

I then went over to Walmart for more I hate shopping there!.....well, I got a couple things I was looking for. After that ordeal, I headed home to realize I forgot to go to the dollar store to pick up the boxes I wanted for the gifts.....turned around and headed back......ended up in a line at the Dollar Store that was 6 people long! After waiting there - like Walmart.....I headed home. We were done at the meeting by 12:30 pm....I got home at 3:30 pm! Just to pick up a few things one has to schedule 5 hours to do it hey! I did it. Now I just need to get a few more things and as much as I would love to support the local shops - I'm shopping ON-LINE!!

I have to figure out what to get for Thursdays party. I did stop by the quilt shop and picked up some fat quarters. I really don't know what to give. I will see if I have something "new" that I can give. I'm sure I can find something.....

After supper Patrick went and pulled out our small tree! It's up and looking great!

We bought the gold ornaments this year for it. I think it works great. I'll get the tree skirt out and put it around the table. Then we can start putting the gifts on the table. I need to find another place to put my puzzle so I can set the table. I did see a table cloth (believe it or not) at Safeway that will work. Then next visit to Safeway will bring back the table cloth. Tomorrow is making cookies or at least getting started. I'm going to try out some new recipes and I'm sure I'm going to be busy!

As for the quilt...I'll trim it and get the binding on it...hopefully tomorrow. I got lucky and my friend bailed out of our meeting tomorrow. I'll go next Monday. She wants me to bring my sewing machine and some cotton fabric, thread and quilt foot for the machine. Not clue what she has in mind, but I'll find out. Feeling a little worried about what she may have in mind....oh, well.

We're good. Slowly getting into the spirit! I'm getting there. We've got more winds and rain tonight and tomorrow. Not sure if I'll do what we did coat never did dry since I kept going back in the rain. Amazing how many people are out when it's raining! Guess the thought the same as I did, we don't melt! lol

Enjoy! Happy Quilting!!

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