Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bowling Wednesday....

Today I got up and went walking. After I got back, Patrick was up and ready to go to the casino. We had some money on our card and he wanted to use it for the year. We spend a couple hours there and were luckier than we have been.

Came home and I went downstairs to work on the second pillow case for Katt. She wanted two pillow cases to go with the quilt.

I finished it up and sent her a photo.

This is the two pillow cases for the quilt. Both fabrics are used in the quilt. I added that with the quilt. I also put the black strips in there for the binding. It's all ready. I just need to quilt it.

After that we sat and enjoyed some time to sit. Then it was off to bowling. I didn't do so good, dropped another pin in average. I was doing good but the strikes and spares where not coming fast.

So not much got done, I'm going to work on the cross stitch tomorrow - I'm hoping. Depends on what the day will bring. I've been known to change my mind! Happy Quilting!

Finally - A Good Day!

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