Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Changed My Mind - Another Project Done!

Today I slept a little later then usual. We walked at 8 am this morning. Didn't get much sleep. Not sure if my brain was "excited" about what to work on next or if I just couldn't get to sleep. I am still reading "THE HELP."

Got back home and Patrick was still sleeping. I didn't get moving till about 11 am. Started laundry (which I forgot about till just now!).

Heated up the fireplace downstairs. Decided I would go downstairs and work on Katt's quilt top. It needed a border and then it would be ready to quilt. Decided it was time I "suck it up" and finish it. I usually don't care for doing borders - let alone sewing on the machine. Once I got started I was happy! It didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I cut the fabric.

I sewed the first two strips together. This was 1 1/2" black with 2 1/2" orange. This is Katt's quilt, and she wanted orange in it.

Had a pile coming up behind the machine. It was going along great.

Had the black ready for the last border.

Next was the mitered borders. Not my favorite thing to do! I did pretty good this time. I usually take out a much as I put in. This time I only took them out twice. It was like always - the last mitered corner. Think the fabric knows I want to get it over with. Next thing I know, it's off or didn't get put on right. So, the frog showed up on this one! I was ripping it out. I stayed calm and collected so it went really well.

Then it got done! I put it on the bed downstairs and took a photo to send to Katt. Since it's her quilt I wanted to see if that was what she wanted. Apparently it was.

Even made a king size pillow to go with it. Plus I store it all in the bag till I get it ready for quilting. I need to finish the one on the frame downstairs before I can get this one on the frame. That should be a good reason to go down there and work on that quilt. I was looking at it the other day, so who knows, I may go back down there to quilt for a while. Showed Katt the pillow case and she asked if I could do another one. Told her I don't have the same white fabric but do have another that was in the quilt that I cold do. She was okay with that because they will match as far as the orange and black go. So, I'll work on that tomorrow.

Funny how fast I'm going through the black fabric at this rate. I have another quilt top I'm working on with black as well. I was going to do the half triangles while working on this, but didn't get there. I'll work on that one later.

It took me all afternoon to get this done. Patrick was a sweetheart and cooked dinner so I could finish the pillow case.

I can't complain - it only took me 6 months to get this done. Not bad with my record! While I was doing the pillow case I was watching the news. They found the kid that killed 4 people and his mother and him ran to Mexico....well my thought (forgive me) was.....there is nothing in this world my kids could do that would have me spend 10 years in prison. Sorry...I love my kids dearly but if they did something wrong they need to take the consequences.

Today was going to be a day of cross stitch, applique or embroidery. I did not plan on finishing this quilt. I was thinking about it in the shower this morning and thought it would be a good thing if I finished yet another project before the year ended. I'll have to wait till tomorrow for the cross stitch or applique. Oh, well....not like I'm not doing anything! (smiling)

Things are getting done and I'm Happy Quilting!

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