Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve - Remembering old Traditions

Today I got up and walked. Patrick went to work. He's there all day today. Being nice to some of her workers and letting them have an early day. Not that they care. They tend to take advantage. Wondering how many called in sick today. (laughing)

After walking I went into the kitchen.....

Started out with pie crust. I decided to try a recipe that grandma used to use.

Patrick has been looking forward to a pecan pie. This one turned out a lot better than it did a couple year ago! (I under cooked it) This time I used Mary Frances Sain's recipe. She had the best pecan pie!! I really do miss that her! This was the first pie of the day!

I then baked another pie. I made this spiced eggnog pumpkin pie. It was really good the last time, the trouble was I had "chunks" it the last one. I blended the pumpkin this time! This looks even better than the first try....hoping.

While was was cooking, I thought of growing up around Christmas time. Dad celebrated on Christmas Eve. It made it easier for mom and dad, since mom's family did Christmas on Christmas day.

Christmas Eve we would try and talk the folks into letting us open a gift. We had a rule, no gifts where open on Christmas Eve. With one exception! We could open the gift that was the farthest away. We got one gift and that gift had to last till the next day. Grandma W would wrap a special gift for us. So, we would have the choice of her gift or the farthest away. We found out her gift was the most fun that day! We would get wind up toy. It might be a "top" or it might be a chicken that hops. It was always different each year. Over the years they would break and we'd throw them out. OR we would get ready to move again. We were limited to the weight we would be able to take. So, when mom cleaned out our toys and gave them away, those would sometimes be the ones that went.

We had a train around the tree every year. One of my brothers would get one from Santa or we would put one around the tree. It was the highlight of our tree.

Every year mom and grandmother (when she was around) would be in the kitchen baking and cooking for the next day. Our meal for Christmas Eve would be something simple. We would rather play then eat back then. Now we'd rather eat then play!

Living in a military life made things hard around Christmas. It was always just the 5 of us. If grandmother was with us, it would make 6. So, mom and dad would invite the military men that didn't have a place to go for Christmas to our house. We would have a feast with friends sometimes. Other times it would just be us.

Now, all those years later, it's just Patrick and I. My brothers are in another state with their families. My folks will join us tomorrow. We will see Phil and Emily in the morning. Looking forward to a Joyous Christmas.

So, while I'm sitting here thinking of the past, may you be having a Merry Christmas Eve and keep being Happy Quilting!

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