Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Day of the Year!

Today is the last day of the year. I started out with walking. We stayed in the area because of the frost. After the walk I went out and took photos of the frost.

It was a little icy, so we didn't walk around the golf court.

Phil came over and changed his oil in his car. Then we headed to the theater to see STAR WARS again. I remembered a lot of it. Saw a few changes. Didn't think Carrie looked bad. Everyone ages differently. She was just a surprise to most, I think. We haven't seen her in years and to see her in this movie was a little surprise. She does look like her mother though.

We then came home and enjoyed about 45 mins of peace. We met our Wednesday night bowling partners at Applebee's. Had a good meal, then headed over to bowling. The bowling alley was crowded with kids all over the place. It was really busy. We had some interesting times with the kids next to us bowling while we were. Fred finally told them what bowling "manners" are of waiting on the other person to bowl. We were done early and had a good time.

Yesterday I bought a portable file container and when I tried to put my "keepers" in it, it didn't fit. I thought it would. I was told they fit in the file size boxes. Guess I was wrong. So, I'll use the box for something else. I need to figure out where to get the box I need for my Brazilian floss. I'll see what they used on Monday.

So, today was more going then doing. I was hoping to work on my cross stitch today but I should know better - never plan! Tomorrow we will be at mom and dads. Thinking I won't be working on much for another day....and I'm really in the mood to work on something!! UGH I'm good, I'll get there yet....Happy Quilting!

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