Friday, December 11, 2015

Posting for 2 Days! Got Behind!


Since I'm a day behind, I'm going to post for both yesterday and today on here. This morning I slept in (check yesterday for why). My hip was hurting while I was sleeping. I woke up in pain, moved around and went back to sleep. Ruth called and told her I would be there in about an hour. As I was getting ready to leave, she texted and say she wouldn't be walking - company arrived. That was at 8:10 am. Her company came from over an hour away! 

I enjoyed my morning by myself in the living room while Patrick slept. He took yesterday and today off. He is at the point where he needs to "use it or loose it." So, next week he'll be taking time off as well. 

After he got up we went downstairs to get some Christmas decorations out. As we were doing that, we filled about 4 boxes of stuff to have for a garage sale. I couldn't believe it! Thought we did that last year!! We pulled out the stuff my Aunt gave us and went through it again. I'm going to put the dishes out on the table when I get the table cloth. I hope to get it by tomorrow. We put out three Santa's (yea, I have a ton more!). I put an Angel out and a Santa pillow. The tree finally got it's skirt under it. I was so glad we didn't pull all that stuff under the stairs out. Once we had that done - took a while! - I sat down and worked on the quilt while Patrick wrapped gifts. I think he was in the mood - NOT complaining!

I'm hand quilting around the edge and then will call it good. 

I'm hoping to get started on sewing the binding down. Next step will be the label. Still thinking about how I want to finish it. 

Okay, something I was thinking about - Since when did they start calling hand quilting "utility quilting?" Hand quilting is hand quilting. So what if my stitches are bigger than the tiny stitches from 100 years ago. They are uniform. I'm insulted when I'm told I do "utility quilting." I quilt, and that's what I was taught. There are no rules to quilting. Why do we all the sudden have to put a "label" on what we do? Who ever called it "utility" quilting should stop and think. Yes, quilts are made to be used. Yes, quilts are made for contests, and yes, quilting is done by hand. Don't label my hand quilting as "utility!" It makes me think of sweat shops and quilters 100 years ago that made quilts and sold them. No, my stitches are not 20 stitches to an inch. No, my stitches don't match up some times. I'm a quilter that quilts by hand. If one wants to counts stitches, go right ahead, but don't judge me on how small or how big they are! I can do tiny stitches and have done them. Fabrics today are stiffer and harder to quilt through. Steams make it harder to quilt through, as well as batting. If one is a hand quilter - don't offend us by saying we make "utility" quilting stitches. It doesn't fly with me! 

Now for.......


It was windy and rainy, so Ruth and I didn't make it out to walk. I waited on Patrick to get up. He got a call from work, which got him up. That way I was going to take a shower, but that didn't happen...he beat me there! So, I was going to be late for our Christmas Party! I called just before he went in the shower to see if the party was still on. Found out it was. She only got two "possible" misses. After my shower, I grabbed everything I had for our meeting and headed out.

I drove to Lacey, WA which is about 45 mins north of her. Teri's place was easy to find. I was so thrilled it was that easy! I'm one of those people that tend to get lost or make one wrong turn and have to turn around and go back. I arrived about 15 mins later than I hoped. We had an awesome time. I baked the "monkey bread" just before I left. I'm happy to say it was a big success. I love backing bread and was thrilled it turned out so good. 

We exchanged gifts and no one "stole" any gifts. I got a dish full of chocolates, a swatch helper, a finger cushion, candy cane, button earrings, small jewelry box, ornament, and something else. I was thrilled. I usually get patterns or other things I don't use or want. This was a good gift. (I appreciate anything I get!)

After the party, I came home to get ready to go to Little Creek Casino for the "OAK RIDGE BOYS" concert. We left around 4:30 pm. It's about an hour and a half drive from here. As we were on the road - again rainy and windy - one car came so close to my side of the door I was surprised he didn't take out the mirror! Freaked me out when I looked over to see him passing! Trust me, Patrick was going the speed limit! 

We arrived about 45 mins early for the concert and decided to play a few minutes on the machines. We did pretty good! Went to the concert and I was surprised (yea I know) that they looked so "OLD." But then I'm not a young chick either! They sounded better as they went along. I enjoyed the concert. It was their Christmas concert. I had never been to their concerts or any other for that matter. I've only been to 4 concerts in my life time, so you can say I've been missing out! Then again, not. 

We played a little while after the concert and then were home by midnight. I was tired and ready to climb in bed. Didn't get much in way of walking or moving around - not a good thing for me. 

Life is good and Happy Quilting!

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