Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pouring Rain....Rain.....Rain......and More Rain!

Today we walked. And it POURED! We started out with no rain....but since we were out there, I'm sure the rain thought it would be fun to pour on us! Got home soaked.

My boots couldn't take the rain after I soaked them big time!

Worked on laundry and cleaned up some since we are getting closer to Christmas. I wanted to have the place looking better.

Pulled the vacuum out and looked out the door. Guess the hummingbird wanted to get out of the rain as well. Didn't seem him eating much, but did see him sitting there.

Got the puzzle this far....till I vacuumed a piece up in the machine. This vacuum didn't leave much to the piece it ate. Ticked me off! So, I put it all in the box and threw it out! I HATE having a puzzle that is missing a piece. 'Cause it was my fault it was missing a piece, but decided it wasn't worth finishing at that rate. The piece it ate was the one on the bottom that was missing. Not liking that! Patrick came home and thought I was nuts. He said I could have saved the piece....told him that piece was a tiny shred of paper. No way I could have even used it in that spot. It would be a small pile of paper, not a piece. Guess I can say my vacuum works!

I got the sashing area done last night. Remember when I said, "SQUIRREL!"? Well, that's what I've been up to lately. Start one thing, think of another and I'm off again! I go from one thing to another. I can't seem to just sit and work on the quilt!

It's kinda like when I type this. I can't pull the recliner up when I type, because I see Charlie looking at me over the screen wanting attention.....but I can't give it to her, she's not here. I think it's like when I quilt, I have to put my knees up. I think of her under what I'm working on. That's about the time I see "squirrel!" and off I go. I'm working through it.

Today I was working on the family history....I found Patrick's 10th gr-grandfather! He was the last person executed during the Witch Trails in MA. There is a bench with his name on it. I was so shocked to see it from his side of the family. Didn't expect that. I got excited!! I thought it was only my side of the family that had the Witch Trails. Now I wonder if the trees are going to meet up. Would be interested if they did.

It's still raining and we are heading out to our bowling league. We will pick up some pizza to take with us. It's our party night. That means we bring a gift for a "gal" and "guy." Then we have to bowl a strike to be able to pick our gifts. I usually get close to the last one to go get my gift. Sometimes I think a couple of the women go get one when they don't get the strike in the first 5 frames. They don't like to wait. I don't really care if I'm the first or the last. I've been the last before. (Yep, couldn't get a strike for the life of me....then just went and picked my gift up when everyone else had theirs.)

Got a card from my Aunt. She got the quilt - she couldn't wait and opened it. She loves it! I need to let her know to bring it back so I can redo the binding. I'm just happy she's happy!

May today be a great day for everyone....Tomorrow a great day as well.....and then Christmas! It's a Merry Day for all! Patrick works no major plans. May we all be Happy Quilting!

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