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Last Day of the Year!

Today is the last day of the year. I started out with walking. We stayed in the area because of the frost. After the walk I went out and took photos of the frost.

It was a little icy, so we didn't walk around the golf court.

Phil came over and changed his oil in his car. Then we headed to the theater to see STAR WARS again. I remembered a lot of it. Saw a few changes. Didn't think Carrie looked bad. Everyone ages differently. She was just a surprise to most, I think. We haven't seen her in years and to see her in this movie was a little surprise. She does look like her mother though.

We then came home and enjoyed about 45 mins of peace. We met our Wednesday night bowling partners at Applebee's. Had a good meal, then headed over to bowling. The bowling alley was crowded with kids all over the place. It was really busy. We had some interesting times with the kids next to us bowling while we were. Fred finally told them what bowling "manners" are of waiting on t…

Bowling Wednesday....

Today I got up and went walking. After I got back, Patrick was up and ready to go to the casino. We had some money on our card and he wanted to use it for the year. We spend a couple hours there and were luckier than we have been.

Came home and I went downstairs to work on the second pillow case for Katt. She wanted two pillow cases to go with the quilt.

I finished it up and sent her a photo.

This is the two pillow cases for the quilt. Both fabrics are used in the quilt. I added that with the quilt. I also put the black strips in there for the binding. It's all ready. I just need to quilt it.

After that we sat and enjoyed some time to sit. Then it was off to bowling. I didn't do so good, dropped another pin in average. I was doing good but the strikes and spares where not coming fast.

So not much got done, I'm going to work on the cross stitch tomorrow - I'm hoping. Depends on what the day will bring. I've been known to change my mind! Happy Quilting!

Changed My Mind - Another Project Done!

Today I slept a little later then usual. We walked at 8 am this morning. Didn't get much sleep. Not sure if my brain was "excited" about what to work on next or if I just couldn't get to sleep. I am still reading "THE HELP."

Got back home and Patrick was still sleeping. I didn't get moving till about 11 am. Started laundry (which I forgot about till just now!).

Heated up the fireplace downstairs. Decided I would go downstairs and work on Katt's quilt top. It needed a border and then it would be ready to quilt. Decided it was time I "suck it up" and finish it. I usually don't care for doing borders - let alone sewing on the machine. Once I got started I was happy! It didn't go as bad as I thought it would. I cut the fabric.

I sewed the first two strips together. This was 1 1/2" black with 2 1/2" orange. This is Katt's quilt, and she wanted orange in it.

Had a pile coming up behind the machine. It was going along great.

Finished One More Project This Year!

Today I was able to stay in bed a little longer. Ruth went to the ER to check on her arm. Her arm was black. She apparently broke a blood vessel.

I enjoyed a quiet morning. Then in the afternoon I decided to get to work on the "Harvest Wreath" embroidery.

I finished it this afternoon, just before Patrick got home. I added the beads to flowers on the right. I learned another stitch. Actually I modified the stitch for the acorn. It turned out better than I thought it would. Now I just need to wash it.

I added my initials to the piece. I wanted it hidden. I like to have my "signature" on my pieces.

So most of it is under the flower. If and when this gets framed, it will be hidden. It will be a surprise to the person that take the frame off and does "whatever."

I was having so much fun! I even put stuff in my box for when I start up again with embroidery. Our next meeting is one the 8th. Wonder if I will start before that. I put the kit that Phil and Emily ga…

A Little of This And a Little of That

Today started out slowly. Just wanted to relax. Then Patrick decided we'd go downstairs and enjoy the fireplace while we watched the Seahawks game. UGH! What an awful game that was! Oh, well, we're still in the game....

This morning I started out taking photos of my cross stitch work and put them on the Instagram. I finally signed up last night. I was surprised at how many people followed me when I only posted one thing. So, this morning I went and pulled out a few of my finished embroidery works. Cross stitch as well. The funny part of all this is that Patrick even got himself an account! He put my quilt with the ribbons on it in his! I signed up so I could see my sons art work. He doesn't show it other than on Instagram. So, if you want to see more of my work go to "lynnwiltzius" on Instagram. I was surprised at how many Wiltzius' are out there! One of them took my userid that I've been using for over 20 years! Young'ins!

After posting all that it w…

Peace And Quiet Day

Today was a good day. We left early this morning to the casino. We played for a couple hour before coming back home. The traffic was slow but not bad.

When we got home, I pulled out my embroidery. I'm so close to finishing it, "I can taste it!"

I finished the flower. The photo looks good. I'm not happy with the petals, but that will come with time and practice. I do like the way this is coming out. Who knows, I may actually have one more thing done this year!

I'm not sure how to do the acorn piece. So, I'm practicing before actually doing it on the design. If it doesn't work, I saw a couple other acorn designs I could use.

Let's see if I can figure it out. Remember - lefty here! - AND dyslexic! - this is going to be fun to see how much more backwards I can do it - smiling.

We sat and watched a couple older movies. Both were in black and white. I love those movies! They are so much fun. We did start to watch one movie but it was too slow in the beginni…

Merry Christmas! May It Be The Best Yet!

I know, right!? I'm blogging on Christmas Day! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I had an awesome Christmas. We were up early. Opened our gifts. My daughter gave me a beautiful necklace! I just love it! Patrick gave me the light box, a standing light (not the OTT lights but better), and some really nice boot like slippers! I love the slippers.

We then headed over to Phil and Emily's place. We had a great time there as well. We exchanged gifts. They gave me two Brazilian embroidery patterns and the kit for the threads. I'm so excited now! I've got plenty of stuff to work on and I won't have to buy anything for a long time! lol I love the patterns they gave me. I'll have to decide which one I want to do next.

We came home and got ready for mom and dad. Mom and dad arrived and we had a great meal! Everything worked out great. While we waited on supper, mom and I worked on our embroidery. She's doing the snowman embroidery pattern for a quilt.

I was working …

Christmas Eve - Remembering old Traditions

Today I got up and walked. Patrick went to work. He's there all day today. Being nice to some of her workers and letting them have an early day. Not that they care. They tend to take advantage. Wondering how many called in sick today. (laughing)

After walking I went into the kitchen.....

Started out with pie crust. I decided to try a recipe that grandma used to use.

Patrick has been looking forward to a pecan pie. This one turned out a lot better than it did a couple year ago! (I under cooked it) This time I used Mary Frances Sain's recipe. She had the best pecan pie!! I really do miss that her! This was the first pie of the day!

I then baked another pie. I made this spiced eggnog pumpkin pie. It was really good the last time, the trouble was I had "chunks" it the last one. I blended the pumpkin this time! This looks even better than the first try....hoping.

While was was cooking, I thought of growing up around Christmas time. Dad celebrated on Christmas Eve. It made…

Pouring Rain....Rain.....Rain......and More Rain!

Today we walked. And it POURED! We started out with no rain....but since we were out there, I'm sure the rain thought it would be fun to pour on us! Got home soaked.

My boots couldn't take the rain after I soaked them big time!

Worked on laundry and cleaned up some since we are getting closer to Christmas. I wanted to have the place looking better.

Pulled the vacuum out and looked out the door. Guess the hummingbird wanted to get out of the rain as well. Didn't seem him eating much, but did see him sitting there.

Got the puzzle this far....till I vacuumed a piece up in the machine. This vacuum didn't leave much to the piece it ate. Ticked me off! So, I put it all in the box and threw it out! I HATE having a puzzle that is missing a piece. 'Cause it was my fault it was missing a piece, but decided it wasn't worth finishing at that rate. The piece it ate was the one on the bottom that was missing. Not liking that! Patrick came home and thought I was nuts. He said…

Count Down to Christmas!

Another day closer to Christmas. Spirit is in the air.

Today started out with a good walk. I was happy to get out there again to walk. Ruth texted and asked if I was going to walk today...told her "Yep!" We had a good walk. I forgot to take her gift down to her.

After getting back from walking, I started the laundry. I have been getting behind on the laundry. I did get my whites in today. For some reason I hate washing white clothes. Love doing the others! Go figure.

I worked on my secretary work for the water system. I have to send out bills for everyone to pay after the first of the year. I'll be going to the bank off and on between January and March with payments.

I worked a little on the puzzle as well. It's almost done. I'll have to take another photo of it. It's been fun to work on. I really should get it done so I can put the case away. I have to wrap a couple gifts and that case is in the way. I'll just move it and wrap them tonight. They are for …

A Wet And Rainy Day With Brazilian Embroidery

Today was raining again. Seems to be a broken record when it comes to rain. I understand it is supposed to be raining all week.....not sure we'll be walking if it keeps up! I want to get back to walking.

I got ready and left for our Brazilian embroidery meeting. There was 5 of us there today. We had an awesome time! We visited and worked on our projects.

I worked on the petals of the flower. I'm not too crazy about them, but they are getting easier to do as I go. Once the top layer is on, it should look great. I was surprised I got all those done today. It feels good to see it coming. I'm hoping it will look better when I'm done. The center is easy enough to do, but I'm going to have to make sure I have the time to do it all at once. I don't want to start it and then have to leave.

I came home, wrote a few more Christmas cards. I really need to get my laundry going again. My socks are running out.

When I had a few minutes I started quilting on this piece. The …

Getting Used to Ripping Things Out!

Today started out fast. I got up and played for about an hour. When Patrick got up he told me we would be leaving in about 30 mins. I had to get my shower and get ready to go.

We went to the Star Wars movie! It was AWESOME! Reminded me of the original movies. I won't give out the "surprise" in the movie. I did love it! We picked Phil up to join us. He had a good time and we had a good time with him. I enjoyed seeing him, since we see little of him these days.

Last night after I typed my blog, I worked on Phil's quilt. I was so ticked off at myself again!! I did the sashing between the two blocks on the left side.

I actually had it all quilted! Then I realized I hadn't done the sashing between the middle row and the bottom row....duh! When I ran my hand over the square that matches them up, it buckled! AGAIN. I thought I could keep going till I tightened the area to quilt.....nope, that doesn't work! So, after putting all that work in, it came out.

This time I…

Enjoying the Day Together

Patrick and I have been enjoying another Saturday together. We went to the casino and left quicker than usual. They had some tight machines. lol

Came home and worked on our peanut brittle. We got a batch for ourselves this time. Funny how all those cookies and batches of fudge were given away. We didn't keep as much this year. We really don't need all the sweets. It was a good way to keep the sweets away from eating them all.

I haven't sat down to quilt yet. That is my next idea for tonight. Sorry, not much to report about. Been going through all the things I need to get back to. Seems I'm in a slow "spot" right now. I do hope to have the square done with the ship.

Tomorrow is off to the movies to see "Star Wars." Then it's bowling. Not sure if I will be posting tomorrow. I will try to get something done so there is something to post.

Happy Quilting!

From One Place to Another.....

Today was another one of those days where I couldn't walk because of the rain. We would normally walk in the past. With Ruth having her knees done we decided it would be better to wait for a dry day to walk. With the winter coming we will probably not be able to walk as much. We would have walked this afternoon, but that wasn't going to happen.

I went to moms for our meeting. I took my gift for the Christmas party. I knew I would have to leave around 11:30/45 am. Mom knew that. I called to see if the sandwich was still there from Wednesday so I could eat it on the way to my doctors office. Nope, mom and dad eat it yesterday. lol

I didn't have the time to go looking for my applique that I need to work on. So, I took my Brazilian embroidery instead. While I was there I was able to work on the upper area where the wheat is.

I also worked on the area of the wheat on this side too. I need to get started on the flower where the circle is. We have our meeting on Monday. I'll …

A Quiet Day....But A Good Day!

Today was another one of those rainy days. It was pouring so we didn't get to walk. I did go down to see Ruth. She was setting up for the a party for her "Homemakers Club." I took her down a plate that was a snowman. Told her to use that on her table. She liked it and used it.

Afterwards came back up and vacuumed. I needed to get some of that dirt off the floor. I swear that dirt knows when I vacuum and rushes right in! I wrapped the last of the gifts. I got excited when I finally finished it up. It makes me feel like I finally finished something. lol Looking forward to next week.

I found some fat quarters downstairs that I bought over the last few months. I put them in the "mailbox" that I had to fill for tomorrows groups gift exchange. I won't be able to be there long because I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I hope I can get in on the exchange, but if not, they can exchange my gift for me.

This is where I was yesterday on the quilt. I didn't get…

Fudge & Brittle Day!

This morning started out with a quick walk. Then on my way to moms, stopped at Rite Aide to get another gift for Patrick. While I was there I found they had Christmas stuff at 50% off.

SO....I just had to buy the Santa and Mrs. Claus set!

Not sure where I'm going to put them. Mrs. is in the bathroom right now. Santa is on my coffee table but he's too big for that. I need to clear a corner and put him there. I've been wanting this set for a long time. They move and sing. I love it.

After that trip, I went on to mom and dads. We ended up making fudge and brittle all day long.

We had two pots going the whole time. We ended up making 5 batches of fudge. One was with cashews, one with peanut butter and the rest were with walnuts. Then we made 3 batches of brittle. We had a great time! Mom put some of her stuff in containers for her friends. She's giving them out tomorrow. There was plenty to give out.

Now for my quilting.....remember I took out Phil's ships?.....well, I…

How Lazy Can I Get?!

Today started out with a walk. It wasn't icy like yesterday. We got in a good walk. Came home and started a load of laundry. Then I sat and played games. After awhile I worked on the puzzle. About half of the puzzle is done.

I even went downstairs to heat the room with the idea of working on my projects. Guess what I didn't do?! Got lazy and decided to shut the heat off down there. I wrapped gifts instead. Then I played a little while and it was 1:30 pm already.

So.....I needed to be productive! I pulled Phil's quilt out.

Started working on the lower right side's ship. I'm almost done. I've got the water and the ship windows to do. Then I can move to the next one.

I went looking for the template for the quilting design between blocks. At first I thought I'd have to do without. Then I looked where I put the rulers and was thrilled to find I actually planned that right. Usually I put stuff away and then can't remember that "important" place I pu…

Getting Back on Track!

Today was a good day. I went walking with Ruth. Came home and started working on the on laundry. Sat down and played for a little while, worked on my puzzle.

Then I decided I better get started. I worked on the binding and got it finished. I then added the label.

This is the paper version. Just realized I didn't take a photo of it before I wrapped it. I hope she likes it. 

This quilt is more orange than it looks. I was a little disappointed in the way it finished up. After I washed it, it puckered a little around the binding. I had checked that before I started on the binding, but guess I missed it. It would have been better if I had quilted in the framing. I will consider that net time. I do like the way it came out, just wish it laid a little better. 
After finishing the label on the quilt I washed it. Then I worked on the sleeve for the back. That was done in the darker color since I didn't have anymore of the orange to make it with. 
I walked again this afternoon with Ruth…

Where Did The Day Go??!

Image was getting up early. Had to meet the gals for bowling at 9:15 am. Patrick slept till 8:30 am, so had to move fast once he was up. Good thing we didn't have to go far to meet up with them. It's a 5 minute drive to our meeting place. Loaded up the car with gifts since it was our Christmas Party as well.

We headed to St. Helen's OR. It usually takes about an hour and a half. Today...longer. We got to State Route 3, 18 miles from St. Helen's when traffic was stopped. We waited and waited for it to move. Nothing. A contractor that was parted behind us had walked up to see what was going on. On his way back, Kim stopped him and asked what was up. He didn't know but knew another way to go. When we asked him, he said, "yah, I guess you can make it, follow my truck." We wondered what he meant by that. We followed him on the back roads. We hit gravel road a couple times. Took about 30 minutes to cut off 4 miles. We got back on SR3 and made it to the …

Another Saturday...Gone

Today I actually slept in - I really mean SLEPT in! I got up at 9 am! I haven't done that since before we were married! It felt good though. For the first time in a very long time, I really slept. Woke once. Then went back to sleep. Felt good this morning.

Patrick slept longer than I did. When he got up we figured we had about an hour before we had to leave. We were off to the movies. We went to "IN THE HEAT OF THE SEA." I really, really enjoyed it! It was good. Not too gory. There were times I didn't look, but that would only be once or twice. They told you what to expect. The best part was they didn't show you what you were thinking! It's a good story. I found myself wanting to learn more about the maritime ships back in the 1800's. My family tree has ship captions in that time frame. Makes me want to know more about what they did.

After the movie, we headed home. Stopped at Safeway and was able to get my table cloth. I may need to iron it. I've got…

Posting for 2 Days! Got Behind!

Since I'm a day behind, I'm going to post for both yesterday and today on here. This morning I slept in (check yesterday for why). My hip was hurting while I was sleeping. I woke up in pain, moved around and went back to sleep. Ruth called and told her I would be there in about an hour. As I was getting ready to leave, she texted and say she wouldn't be walking - company arrived. That was at 8:10 am. Her company came from over an hour away! 
I enjoyed my morning by myself in the living room while Patrick slept. He took yesterday and today off. He is at the point where he needs to "use it or loose it." So, next week he'll be taking time off as well. 
After he got up we went downstairs to get some Christmas decorations out. As we were doing that, we filled about 4 boxes of stuff to have for a garage sale. I couldn't believe it! Thought we did that last year!! We pulled out the stuff my Aunt gave us and went through it again. I'm going to put the dish…