Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Little of This, A Little of That, Not Much of Anything

Today started out interesting for me. For some reason I woke and felt like I was drugged. I couldn't get up. I just kept falling back asleep. It was weird for me. I did finally get up at 8:30 am and got moving.

The rest of the day was like that - minus the drugged part. I just couldn't get myself to decide what I wanted to do. I loved the sun outside. I opened up the house and did laundry - or at least one load. Then I worked on the computer for a bit. I finally talked myself into going downstairs and try to get some work done.

Before going downstairs, I decided to fold all the fat quarters we (TAS Annual Meeting) got for donations. I folded them into the flag triangle. Dad would tell me I needed to do that a little better, but I just wanted to see what we had and get them folded. I'm hoping we have enough fat quarters to give out to everyone. These came from Connecting Threads. They were so kind to send these, considering I asked so late! I wish the gal that was doing it would have started sooner.

This is the Candy set. They even sent some patriotic fabrics.

This is what I was doing with them.

Next was heading downstairs. I really didn't want to sew on the machine, but I decided to get some fabric cut for more half square triangles.

I worked on the half square triangles. I pinned a lot of pieces together. I got some for the QOV quilt and some for the scrap 9 patch quilt. I did get quiet a bit pinned. I really didn't feel like sewing them or ironing them. 

Then I decided to take those strips I have and sew them together. I decided I'm going to make a long strip of them (striped all the way) and then cut them in the half square triangle. That way I can make scrappy stars. I think it will look nice. That way I can use up some of the scraps Donna keeps giving me. 

So, here's my pile - right next to the iron. Nope - didn't feel like ironing, so they are still down there by the iron. 

I went outside to enjoy the sun. I really wanted to feel the sun out there. It's been so long since it's been out around here. 

Tulips are coming along great. 

Grapes are starting to grow! I love seeing the new shoots coming up. 

Lilacs are showing up. I'm going to pay for it tomorrow! I'm allergic to the But I do love to see them growing. 

Now it's evening and I haven't been watching TV or playing games. I didn't even listen to the radio today. I just enjoyed the weather. I did get some things done, but not near what I could have. I don't mind having days like this, but just hope I don't make a habit of it. The last time I made a habit of it, it was 10 years before I got back into working on my crafts. I can dream,,,,but that doesn't get me very far. 

In the meantime....looking to be Happy Quilting!

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