Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Quilting Day with Good Friends

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I did get my walking in, and then knew I needed to get to the quilt meeting by 10:30 and pick Kathy up around 10:15 am. Patrick called and gave me some bad news - will post when it is proper to post - and I was talking to my kids and hubby after I showed.

I got off the phone, looked at the clock and it said "9:45 am," I called Kathy and told her I was running late and will pick her up at 10:45 am. She said, "Ok." I got together SOME of my applique - thinking I didn't have the time to do that - and headed out the door to the credit union. When I left the credit union, I called Kathy and said I'll be there in about 5 to 10 mins. She then said, "Oh, okay." Picked her up, went to the store and said to Kathy, "Wow, we're the first ones here, where is everyone?" She said, "Oh, they'll be coming." We went into the shop, looked around got some fabric that we wanted....I looked at the clock to see why no one was there....and it was 9:50 am!!!! I was an hour early!! I went to Kathy and said, "Kathy, why didn't you tell me we were an hour early!" She and Rita laughed and said, "thought you knew." UGH. So we waited for everyone. We were the last two to leave.

I came home to find Patrick home. I went downstairs and stitched my fabrics into my book on dad's QOV quilt. This is only some of the fabrics I picked up for dad's quilt. Bev was at the shop when we were there. I showed her some of the eagle patterns for the 10" blocks that I wanted. She picked two of them and said she would make them for dad. I'm happy she's willing to help. I'm going to miss not doing those eagles though. She wanted to do applique. I'll have to do some of the blocks and hope we can get some good ones to go with the appliqued eagles.

I finished the applique basket block. I need to do the embroidery on it and then that will be one more block done. That will be fun to do and I'm hoping to do that by this weekend. I may do it tomorrow.

While we still wait for news, I'm still Happy Quilting!

A Day Of Quilting With Friends

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