Monday, April 25, 2016

Brazilian Embroidery and Running Around...

Today started out with the usual 2.40 mile walk. Enjoyed the walk. Got home, showered, and then off I went to Safeway to pick up some water for Ruth, then to the dry cleaners, bank, and then to the church for our meeting.

At our meeting we worked on the scissor fobs. We were able to get 126 done for the Seminar in June. We also worked on our own personal scissor fobs. I had one done for trading and one for Ruth. By the time we were done, we had 2 claw clip fobs that we can sell for $10. I have them and will see if anyone wants to buy them later.

Got home about 2 pm and got to work on the laundry. I also fixed supper to go in the oven to cook for a little while. (smiling)

I was cleaning and working while I was watching the two shows, "Who Do You Think You Are?" I watched Scott Foley and was shocked to see he is related to Patrick! His ancestor that was in the witch trials is Patrick's 9th gr-grandfather. I now have to get Patrick to watch the show.

Since I was talking yesterday, about what we did on our trip, I didn't get to show the plants we bought yesterday. Patrick is getting the yard in order and we bought a few plants for hanging baskets and plant around the house. We had fun going shopping.

Mom and dad dropped by and gave Patrick 3 Rhodes for the loss of his mother. They are pretty. One is red and the other two are a little different but in the same area of color. It will be pretty in the yard. Funny how we seem to have a lot of Rhodes lately. lol

I'm thinking I will pull out the cross stitch and work on it tonight. I need to try and practice on my Brazilian embroidery Mum cast on stitch. So, till I'm in the mood to try it again, I'm going to do something else.

I've got to get moving on the TAS Annual Meeting as well. This week is so busy, I think I'm going to take Thursday off and stay home. It's our group meeting as well as Friday, but I really want to stay home! I'm tired of being gone so much.

Live is "full speed ahead" and I'm trying to keep up......Happy Quilting.

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