Friday, April 8, 2016

I Actually Sewed Today!

This morning I was up and ready to go. So I thought. I was eating breakfast and relaxing in my chair when I was feeling like I needed to go back to bed! Weird, but I kept going.

I worked on the computer and headed downstairs. I was working pretty good and it felt like I had a long day ahead - not long in "ugh" but in "wow, I thought it was later then it is."

First things first. I needed to get started on the ironing I didn't do the other day.

Next I put the half square triangle paper on my fabric. Started sewing them up. I also worked on my strap strips. I added more to the strips so that I could have enough to do the half square triangles with it as well. Yep! I have three quilt tops going at once..when will I learn? Just like the song says, "When will I learn!"

I wanted to see if the strips would work for a QOV quilt. I do like the way they are coming out. It's a scrap quilt and it works. I'm happy with the way it came out. I think I'm going to do squares in the corners. I really don't want to do the half squares in the corner. The background is the bolt of fabric I bought the other day.

Got started on my stack to sew! I really, really did have a big stack! I was happy with how it went today. Then I cut them out.

I have them all cut! now I need to rip the paper off and iron them. They are now sitting next to me to do tonight. That way I can iron it this weekend. I have three different ones going. The strip half square triangles are the 4" blocks. The black and off-white is 6" blocks. I also have another QOV set of blocks that are 6" as well.

I took a break and fixed a homemade pizza. I was going to take a photo of it before we cut into it, but that didn't happen. As one can see, it went fast.

Last night I worked on this block. I do love working with Brazilian embroidery. It's fun and really pretty. Plus I get a quicker result then I do with quilting at times.

I'm working on my last rose. Then I have to do the cast-on flowers. I'm looking forward to working on that.

Today was a great day for working on my projects. I enjoyed the sewing machine - yea, I know, mark the calendar - I actually enjoyed myself today!

Looking good and looking forward to working on the blocks again. Bowling is all day Sunday. Not sure I can get much done this weekend, but I can hope! Happy Quilting!

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