Sunday, July 24, 2016

Awesome Day on the Deck

This morning I was up early - darn the sunlight! I waited about an hour before putting the cinnamon rolls in the oven. Patrick was still sleeping and figured by 9:00 am he could get up for the rolls. (laughing) Yea, just a little mean for not letting him sleep in. He likes the rolls fresh out of the oven, so he had to get up or let them cool down. (still laughing)

It was a really nice day today. Think we made it to 92 degrees. Not my favorite heat, but thankful it wasn't in the 100's. Bet my brother is enjoying this weather since he lives in Las Vegas. They were going camping last I heard. If they went to the ocean beach, then it was a lot cooler there too.

I spent a good amount of time out on the deck. I took my computer out there and copied (by typing them) letters from the family. Add them to my Letters From The Past blog. This is letters from my family that my great grandmother and grandmother kept over the years. They have helped with my family history too.

last night I got the wording in on this. The cross stitch is called, "Summer Cat Sampler," by Janlynn.

As I typed that, I went on to eBay and found the others there. One was $16.83 with free shipping - so guess what I did!! Yep - bought it!! UGH more to work on! This one was the Autumn Cat Sampler. Haven't told Patrick yet! (laughing again)

 I'm working on this flower area too. I'll get it moving tonight.

I've been getting the bird feeder outlined. It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would too. I also noticed that I wasn't paying attention because I found more "x" empty spots then I thought I had out there. So, I was filling in the "x" area as I was going. I did get the french knots done on the hummingbirds and moving down to these birds. I do like the way it's coming along.

I saw on Instagram where another cross stitch stores her work in a "Artists Portfolio" and it looks great. She keep them in the portfolio and looks at them often. I on the other hand, have them rolled in towels and all over this house! In one draw or another. I need to get them all in one place. Told Patrick about it, and he thought I should put them in my "boxes" that I have a "ton" of. I told him, all those boxes "I have a ton of," are being used. Try again.

I spent a good 3 to 4 hours out on the deck today. That's a long time for me. I was enjoying the weather with the breeze off the deck. I got a lot of outlining done. I also got 4 letters done. So, I can't complain.

I did walk down to see Ruth and chatted with her. I helped her pick blueberries and then came home to pick more. Phil showed up, and I gave him the blueberries as well as some rolls. Think he came for the rolls. (smiling) My baking still bring family around. If I get lonely - meaning my family doesn't come around, then I bake and con them into coming over. I do miss my kids!

Getting tired of politics and not going to voice my views. I would love to, but I don't want to add politics to my "quilting blog." We don't need it.

I'm hoping to get downstairs tomorrow and get some more stitches in the quilt. Then in the afternoon will work on getting more outlining done - NEED to finish another Project!!

Happy Quilting!

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