Friday, July 29, 2016

One Heck of a Friday!

Walked with Ruth this morning. Ended up with a 3 mile walk today. Hard to believe I walked all that much but when the rest of the day was added, I had move then usual in my steps! I've walked 11,178 steps so far today.Will probably add another two hundred before the day is over.

Got home and Patrick was ready to go. We did go to the casino. After that we ended up going to Walmart, Shop'n Kart, and Safeway. We picked up a cooler at Walmart as well as the drinks for our family reunion on Sunday. We did our own grocery shopping at Safeway. So, now we are ready for my Uncle and cousin tomorrow.

After all that, we came home and started cleaning up getting ready for this weekend. My nephew and his wife showed up while we were getting cleaning done. It was awesome to see them! I got to meet my nephews wife. Their little girl is a cutie and busy. I loved having her here.

I've been working in this area so far. It's got a lot more work to go.

I'm getting closer to the cat. I'm looking forward to getting more done but with a weekend like this,  don't know how I'm going to get much done.

I didn't get to go quilting today, but will try to get some in tomorrow morning if I can.

I did make a Zucchini Chocolate Cake this afternoon for tomorrow. I'll post the recipe when I try it out (smiling). It's an old recipe that Mary Frances Sain had. I love her recipes. I found it in moms recipes, plus I found a sausage recipe that my grandmother used to make as well. I will try it out one of these days. Just hope it's as good as hers!

In the meantime, I can dream about being Happy Quilting!


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