Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quilting and Potluck Day

Today started out as usual....guess I could just quit saying that..but, hey!, I do walk in the mornings.

After getting back (was running late today), I went looking to make sure I had something to work on when I get to the meeting. Didn't want to be like I have been in the past....forgetting something. I found the two blocks that I basted for the Baltimore Liberty. The good news was, I had two blocks I could work on. Surprise, Surprise!

I worked on this block at the meeting. Since it was our Potluck day, I didn't get a whole lot done. I was surprised, I really wasn't hunger today. I didn't take the medication that I was put on. I found out that that medication must be working, because not only did I have pains, I also had an "attack" around 4:30 pm where I sweated and shook so bad. I was dripping with sweat. I couldn't believe it.

I dropped of the cake at Patrick's work. I baked a cake yesterday for the potluck. It was so simple. I put the cherry filling in the bottom of a greased pan, sprinkled yellow cake mix over the cherries, and then poured 12 oz sparkling water (blackberry favor) over the top. I didn't have 7-up or Sprite, so I used the sparkling water. Baked it for 30 mins. It turned out great. Even I was surprised.

While I was at the meeting, Kathy H, brought her cross stitch she started years ago. She hadn't finished it, and was about to give it away. I told her I would finish it for her. There really isn't a lot that needs to be done. I have the floss and will finish it for her. I finished moms and now I'll finish hers.

Last night I was able to get a few more stitches in. I'm at a point where I'm not "thrilled" with the area that I have to work with. I'm hoping to get it closer to being done, then I can work on the next one I want to do.

I played a couple games on Pogo so I could get the games done for the weeks challenge. I finished one, just need to work on the other one

I did go down and quilt on the Butterfly quilt this morning before going to the meeting. I threaded about 10 needles, then I started quilting the butterfly "flights." I will make sure I get some time one the quilt tomorrow as well. I seriously need to get that done!

This is the area where I was working this morning. Since the center piece is finally quilted the rest should be easy going.

Back to normal! Happy Quilting!

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