Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Day of Bowling

This morning I was up early and had about an hour to myself. Then I went to our neighbors to help her with her socks. I didn't stay long because it was raining and I had to get moving. So, it was a quick job of putting socks on and leaving. 

I got back home and did a load of laundry before I headed to the bowling alley. I bowled pretty good actually. I bowled a 190, 158, 215 for a 563 series. I won all my games and I was bowling the vacant team. We won most of our games. I won the second game by 1 pin. Guess I had someone looking after me today. 

Got home around 2 pm. It was nice to be home earlier then we usually do. I was able to sit and work on my cross stitch. 

I'm getting closer to the house this round. I'm hoping to get that house done this week. The dress is getting done at the top. I'm really getting relaxed when I've been working on this. 

I have been worried about my daughter-in-law who's been in the hospital since Wednesday. I can't go see her, and that is a little hard for me. I do wish I could help her. I have learned to accept the way things have been told to me when it comes to them. So, I keep checking with my son to see how she's doing. 

That's where my crafts come in handy. They help me relax and not worry about what I can't control. Life is good!

We bowled tonight and I bowled 188, 211, 166 for a 565 series. I did 3 pins better than this morning. I was on a roll. 

SEAHAWKS WON!!  We watched the game while we bowled!! I was so into the end of the game that I didn't realize it was the last frame!! Then I went and got a split!! NEVER FAILS! At least we WON!

Best wishes and Happy Quilting!

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