Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Day of Walking and Cross Stitch

Today was another day of walking 1.5 miles with Ruth. Then helping the neighbor and coming home to enjoy time with Kitty.

It's getting harder the more I blog, to find a title to go with my stuff. It's not like I'm constantly busy and have a ton of things to post about. I could, if I was boring at times. I haven't had the chance to check out my groups on yahoo. Partly because I forget, but partly because I want to work on something during the day...and stay off the computer. Wish that thought would work for my tablet as well! Ooops.

Miss Kitty came in the house and hid under the table on one of the chairs. She stayed there all day till Patrick came home. She seemed happy and didn't freak every time I moved. That was a good thing.

So, I sat and worked on my cross stitch today. I enjoyed the photos on Instagram! They keep me going and excited about finishing my work.

The water in the background is coming out. I really like this. The knee is showing and one can tell exactly what I'm working on.

I started the next set of steps. I do better working from the bottom to the top. I'm not sure what I will be doing when I get to the point where the tree flows over the gal. I'll probably turn the design around and work from the corner toward what I've already done.

I love seeing what others are doing. I'm not around other people that do cross stitch. I wish I had a group around here that would come over and work on their stuff. It would be awesome to see what others are working on. That's where the Instagram comes in for me. I also started checking out the "youtube" or "flosstube" videos. I've learned from some of them but I haven't found any that I'm excited about trying. I want to check out some more of the Russian ladies works. They have beautiful pattern and do an awesome job!

I've also be "itching" to work on my birds. When I worked on them at Phil's house, I was really enjoying it. I want to get my birds going. I have about 3 more birds to do.

I was thinking about the block I worked on at moms. I have that in the box. I need to find the other block and put it in the box as well. That will get me back to quilting....some.

Happy Quilting/Stitching!

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