Monday, November 21, 2016

A Wonderful Day With BE Friends!

This morning was a "get up and go" day. I had to get moving to be at our meeting on time. As I was leaving Miss Kitty showed up. She wanted her TLC time. I gave her a little and started out to meet Ruth for our walk. Turned around and she was behind me, following me. I called Ruth to meet me at the corner because I didn't want to have her follow me to Ruth's because she's off Jackson Hwy. I gave her more TLC while waiting on Ruth. The school bus came by and I was telling Miss Kitty to say put. The bus driving opened her window, said hi, and then said "the cat is really pretty." Ruth showed up and we walked back and forth twice. The whole time we walked, Miss Kitty followed up. She didn't get too close, but she followed us the whole way. Got home and gave her more TLC before she took off.

When she left, I got in the car and drove to our meeting. We talked about the quilt that Dina is working on. She had most of the blocks done. This was a quilt for Felicia. We decided to go ahead and finish the quilt, then have it as a display for our group. We'll use it for demos. They were talking about doing more blocks and making a few more quilts for everyone to get one. Some agreed with that and others didn't. It was tabled. Then we talked about a couple of us going to Felicia's family (they asked) and helping them out with the selling her crafts stuff.

I finished up the bird that is behind another bird. Then started on the 4th bird. That's the one with the pin in it. I will be doing that one next, then go back to the front bird on the left. I like the way they are coming out.

I ran a few things for Phil. I was running around. Today is our 34th Anniversary, so I went to Starbucks and got Patrick an iced coffee and a coffee mug. It worked out. I was able to give it to him at work. We had a good chat.

When he came home, we went to McMenamins for supper. We had an awesome "Fish and Chips." Came home and now relaxing.

Tomorrow is another day. We went over the list of "pre-cook" stuff for Thanksgiving. Mom and dad will come over Wednesday to help me out.

Close up of work

Life is interesting for this family. We'll get through this. In the meantime, Happy Quilting!

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